fire department

Sep 8 '15 09:47

A burst in the water main has flooded part of Amsterdam-Zuid. The burst is located at the junction of Amstelveenseweg and Van der Boechorstraat. Firefighters and emergency services are at the scene.

Sep 4 '15 20:26

One person was killed and another wounded when an elevator fell inside a building on the TU/Eindhoven campus. The elevator fell seven stories and trapped both victims, believed to be workers taking part in the building’s renovations, according to Omroep Brabant.

Fire Truck
Aug 31 '15 11:01

A tanker leaking hydrochloric acid has caused quite a bit of havoc in Molenhoek, Limburg on Monday morning. The tanker is on an industrial estate on Bovensteweg, not far from Nijmegen. Emergency services have closed down the area, which is covered in a smoke cloud. The risk to public health is as of yet unclear

Aug 31 '15 09:50

The code orange weather warning for extremely dangerous weather has been lifted after the severe storms that hit parts of the Netherlands on Sunday night. The storms were accompanied by thunder, lightning, hail and strong winds and resulted in flooding, traffic problems and even a few fires.

Aug 31 '15 08:29

A historic windmill in Terwolde, Gelderland has burned down completely after a lightning strike. According to the fire department, De Ooievaar mill on Wijkseweg is a complete loss.

Aug 25 '15 12:23

Hundreds of caravans went up in flames when a large fire broke out in a warehouse in Rijsenhout, near Schiphol airport. The fire department responded en masse, but could not save the building. No one was injured.

The fire broke out around 05:00 a.m. on Tuesday morning. The fire department declared a Grip 1 situation. Twelve homes had to be evacuated and 30 residents had to find shelter elsewhere.

After about two hours, firefighters managed to get the fire under control. Extinguishing the fire is expected to take several more hours. The situation was scaled down to Grip 0.

Aug 25 '15 10:53

A tornado caused a large amount of damage in Wieringerwerf, Noord-Holland on Monday night. Three farms fell victim to the tornado, with barns and sheds taking the brunt of the damage. Trees were torn from the ground and roof tiles and branches rained from the air. No one was injured.

Aug 24 '15 11:45

The Hezemans Indoor Karting track on Vijfkamplaan in Eindhoven had to be evacuated on Sunday night after an employee crashed a kart into a barrel of mercury.

Aug 24 '15 11:31

The police are looking for a 29 year old patient of the Jan Wierhof mental health institution in Tilburg. The man wandered off during a fire at the institution on Monday morning. The police warn that he may be verbally aggressive and should not be approached.

Aug 17 '15 08:21

Rail traffic between Weert and Eindhoven was brought to a standstill on Sunday night after a collision between a train and a car. The driver of the car was killed in the accident.

Aug 14 '15 09:14

The storms that moved from the southwest of the Netherlands northwards during the course of Thursday night, brought a massive 43 thousand lighting strikes with it. Some places got between 30 and 50 mm of rain. The storms caused problems with train traffic and car traffic and the fire department had to respond to 140 reports of flooding.

Aug 10 '15 12:11

A gas leak in a home on Ankemaheerd in Groningen has resulted in dozens of homes being evacuated. A part of the street has been closed down.

Aug 5 '15 14:43

A large fire broke out at the transport company HACAS on Koningshoeven in Tilburg on Wednesday morning. Firefighters are still working to get the fire under control and expect that the extinguishing will take the rest of the day. The fire is causing a large amount of smoke and hot ash in the surrounding area. The fire department is taking measurements in the area to determine whether the smoke contains dangerous substances such as asbestos.

Aug 5 '15 09:36

Three people had to be treated for smoke inhalation after a fire in a cell in the Van Mesdag psychiatric prison in the city of Groningen.

Aug 4 '15 15:54

Two pleasure yachts in a marina in Zaandam caught fire after an explosion on one of the vessels. Three people were injured.

Aug 4 '15 08:31

The search action after the accident with collapsing cranes in Alphen aan den Rijn on Monday has been called off. Two cranes and a large section of bridge collapsed on four properties No further victims have been found.

Jul 29 '15 08:32

A van carrying chemicals went up in flames on the A12 at Zevenhuizen in the direction of The Hague on Wednesday morning. The highway had to be closed down to clean up the chemicals and the van, but has since been reopened. According to the traffic information service VID, only the Zevenhuizen off ramp is still closed, but this is not causing any traffic problems.

Jul 24 '15 08:27

A fire broke out in a building containing two elementary schools in Rijswijk, The Hague on Friday morning.

Jul 21 '15 09:06

A large fire broke out in an apartment building in the center of The Hague around 02:00 on Tuesday morning. At least one man was killed in the fire, another three people were taken to the hospital with injuries. According to the fire department, one of them is in a "serious condition", the Telegraaf reports.

The fire broke out on the first floor of the building on Torenstraat and quickly spread to the second floor. Other floors have smoke and water damage. Surrounding homes were evacuated. According to the fire department, 33 people were given shelter at a nearby police station.

Jul 20 '15 11:39

Firefighters were attacked by a rather ungrateful cow after they had successfully rescued the animal from the Aduarderdiep in Groningen on Saturday.

Jul 17 '15 10:44

Dozens of people had to be evacuated from their homes after a fire broke out in an onrganic shop in Lochem, Gelderland early on Friday morning.

Jul 16 '15 11:19

A carbon monoxide leak in a home on Slotboomstraat in Rotterdam on Wednesday sent 13 people to the hospital

Jul 15 '15 08:09

A 5 year old English girl that went missing in Nieuw-Dordrecht near Emmen on Tuesday night, has been found and reunited with her parents.

Jul 13 '15 11:43

A 60 year old woman was killed in a fire in an apartment building on Willem Alexanderpark in Veenendaal on Sunday morning, the police confirmed on Sunday.