Site of a portion of Roman aqueduct discovered in Nijmegen. May 2020
May 31 '20 08:30

Archeologists in Nijmegen have found a section of wall belonging to an ancient Roman aqueduct which once ran from the hills outside Berg en Dal to the legion camp stationed in Nijmegen, the city said in a statement on Saturday. The structure was discovered 3 meters below the surface of a construction pit, which archeologists suspect may have been the remains of a gutter through which water flowed, according to the municipality.

Dutch police officer
May 30 '20 20:00

A 25-year-old man from Zevenbergen was arrested by the police on Friday evening after plowing his car into two properties, causing damage to the residents' gardens.

The incident, which took place at around 09:20 p.m., prompted the two men who had been in the vehicle to flee the scene after crashing at high-speed on Arembergstraat near the center of the village. Nobody suffered an injury as a result the incident, the police have confirmed.

Bundles of cash: Part of a 2.4 million euro find inside a home in Amsterdam Oost
May 26 '20 15:48

A search of a home in Amsterdam Oost led to the discovery of 2.4 million euros in cash. The Zeeburgereiland home was raided last week as part of a money laundering investigation, police said.

It started on Friday evening when police officers stopped a car on IJburglaan and detained a suspect in their case. The 29-year-old Amsterdam man was taken into custody.

Officers then were given permission by the prosecutor’s office later that night to search the home on Eef Kamerbeekstraat. The connection between the suspect and the home was not revealed to the public.

An area cordoned off by police
May 22 '20 18:50

Two men and two women were arrested last week in connection with the February kidnapping of a 65-year-old Rotterdam woman. All four suspects were remanded into custody, police said on Friday, while prosecutors and officers press ahead with their investigation.

The alleged kidnapping took place on the Eliotplaats in Rotterdam on February 9 when the woman was taken in a van and held captive. “On February 11, a ransom was paid and the kidnappers released the woman on a public road in Zaandam,” police stated.

Politie patch on a Dutch police officer's uniform
May 19 '20 15:30

Residents in Rotterdam found a 39-year-old man stabbed and bleeding heavily on a stoop in front of a home in the Charlois district early Tuesday morning. One person was taken into custody in connection with the incident, but was later released.

Neighbors called police at about 1:45 a.m. when they found the Polish man with serious injuries. “The victim had suffered several stab wounds and was taken to a hospital,” police said.

May 18 '20 18:07

A large number of wallabies have escaped from their enclosures in several locations across the Netherlands, provoking concern from the nonprofit organization Animal Advocacy and Protection (AAP).

The marsupials, originally from Australia, had been kept primarily in private enclosures and petting zoos. Many of the escaped animals were reported to be roaming around villages in the provinces of Zeeland, Drenthe, Limburg, Noord-Holland and Noord-Brabant, reports, where they have been seen grazing on vegetation.

An American Bulldog puppy
May 15 '20 19:00

For the first time in the Netherlands, a dog was found to have been infected with the novel coronavirus. Three cats which lived on one of two mink farms where a coronavirus infection spread to animals last month also tested positive for the virus.

IKEA in Delft
May 13 '20 13:40

Two customers and an employee were injured at the IKEA in Haarlem on Saturday after they used what they thought was hand sanitizer at the entrance. Instead of hand sanitizer, the bottle turned out to contain something much stronger. 

Bricks of cocaine found hidden in a shipment of VW Beetles.
May 12 '20 16:40

A shipment of Volkswagen Beetles was found to be hiding 325 kilograms of cocaine. The consignment originated in South America and arrived at the Port of Rotterdam, the Public Prosecutor’s Office (OM) said.

The cocaine carried a street value of between 13 and 22 million euros, according to addiction advocacy center Jellinek. The drugs were discovered during an inspection at the port on Monday evening, and were subsequently seized and destroyed, the OM said.

May 8 '20 08:57

Police officers in Rotterdam investigating a report of camel walking loose on the street found an ostrich roaming around instead. The officers were dispatched just after 6:30 a.m. on Friday to the Kiotoweg, part of an industrial area on the outskirts of the city’s northwest side.

The large, flightless bird had escaped from an open patch of land nearby where two ostriches wander around. After some struggle, the bird was herded into a police van and returned to its home, local broadcaster Rijnmond reported.

Green Amazon parrot found in the Zwanenmeerbos near Gieten
May 7 '20 12:50

Police in Aa en Hunze, a small town in Drenthe, said they were looking for the owner of a green Amazon parrot found by a local resident. The bird was trained to speak words in the Dutch language, and was also able to mimic someone whistling the children's tune, "Papegaaitje leef je nog?"

It was found on Tuesday in the Zwanenmeerbos near Gieten, police said. The resident handed the bird over to the police, who have since been searching for its owner.

Police first asked its Twitter followers about the bird the day it was found, and again on Wednesday.

12.6 million in cash found in a money laundering investigation in Eindhoven. May 1, 2020
May 6 '20 13:43

When police and prosecutors raided a house in Eindhoven as part of a money laundering investigation, they discovered a massive 12.6 million euros in cash, the most ever found in a single place during a criminal investigation. The record sum was kept in a hidden room inside the house, and included paper bills with all denominations up to 500 euro notes.

It also had a considerable weight, police said. The combined total of 12.580 million euros weighed approximately 255 kilograms.

Jan Daniël Boeke in his office, circa 1900
May 4 '20 18:55

The oldest known recording in the Dutch language was made publicly available by the Alkmaar Regional Archive over the weekend. Over 120 years old, the three-minute piece of audio was discovered on a strip of magnetic tape from the 1970s while the archive team was making an inventory of their sound collection.

An area cordoned off by police
Apr 28 '20 19:45

Police have expressed their thanks to a 79-year-old Roosendaal man who chased down a bicycle thief on Sunday using an electric bicycle with a passenger behind at his back.

According to police, the man had given chase to the thief, a 27-year-old resident of Eindhoven, at around 4:30 p.m. after witnessing the man stealing his friend's bicycle at the Dijkcentrum in the town center. While trying to chase down the thief along with another man who wanted to help, the elderly man alerted a police officer along the Chromietdijk, who had himself just spotted the thief whiz past.

Demonstration at the Tweede Kamer in The Hague against coronavirus measures, 5G and vaccination, 28 April 2020
Apr 28 '20 15:45

A group of spirited protesters gathered in front of the lower house of Parliament in The Hague on Tuesday, demonstrating against the lockdown, vaccinations, and the 5G wireless network. About 200 people outside the Tweede Kamer were heard chanting "freedom now", and holding banners with slogans like "Vaccinations: Inaccurate Mess," "Stop5G," and "Stop the Lockdown."

Hague police officer
Apr 27 '20 18:38

A 34-year-old man died in police custody in Amsterdam early Monday morning, police said in a statement. He was being kept in a holding cell on suspicion of stabbing an older woman in Amsterdam-Noord, and later died at a hospital.

The 73-year-old woman was heard calling for help Sunday morning at about 10:10 a.m. She was found with knife wounds by local residents on the Kometensingel, who called police for assistance.

The younger man was taken into custody at a house nearby, with police saying the case was likely domestic in nature.

Kid playing video games
Apr 27 '20 17:30

Reports of someone shouting "Don't shoot! Don't Shoot" had the Rotterdam police responding to a home in Pernis in large numbers over the weekend. But at the scene they found that their bulletproof vests and service weapons were unnecessary - the shouts were a boy playing Fortnite, a community police officer said on Instagram.

Due to the nature of the report - "Don't shoot" definitely suggests involvement of a firearm - the police responded to the home en masse. "According to protocol, we put on our bulletproof vests on the way," the community officer said.

The European Mink
Apr 26 '20 13:34

A coronavirus infection among mink being raised on two fur farms in the Netherlands has forced the closure of several roads with people warned not to come within 400 meters of the farms. The two locations are in Gemert-Bakel and Laarbeek, about ten kilometers apart in the province of Noord-Brabant.

The virus was believed to be spread from humans at the farms to the mink, and not the other way around.

Donald Trump
Apr 24 '20 14:50

Dutch public health agency RIVM strongly advised against following the latest advice from United States President Donald Trump on treating the coronavirus, who suggested that blasts of ultraviolet light and injections of disinfectant could potentially treat the virus and respiratory illness Covid-19. It would be an especially bad idea to eat, drink, or inject yourself with disinfectant, the health agency warned

A fake NL-Alert was sent as a scam, health agency RIVM said on April 20, 2020
Apr 20 '20 15:19

Health agency RIVM warned the Dutch public of a cyber scam disguised to look like an emergency alert that was blasted out to mobile phone users Monday morning. The message started with the phrase "NL-Alert", the name of the country's national crisis communications system, and was sent out to phones via SMS.

The RIVM does not itself send out NL-Alerts, a spokesperson told NL Times.

Marktplaats to warn users if they are sent to an unknown or unofficial payment page
Apr 15 '20 20:02

Human error was the cause of a major malfunction on popular trading website Marktplaats on Tuesday. It resulted in thousands of accounts being blocked on the site after they were labeled as being con artists.

"Our first priority is to inform and assist affected users," the company said. "We deeply regret the events and do everything we can to prevent them in the future."

Dutch police car
Apr 10 '20 17:28

A number of municipalities in the Netherlands have put in place new measures in order to avoid drawing crowds over Easter weekend. This comes as police and municipal authorities across the country continue to dish out fines for violations of the social distancing rules currently in place.

Laptop opening the Zoom app. March 30, 2020
Apr 8 '20 19:00

Pornographic and racist images were displayed on the screens of Erasmus College students during a lesson using the video app Zoom in Zoetermeer on Wednesday, prompting the school to halt its use of the popular program. Following the incident, the secondary school was advised to switch to other video platforms instead.

Dutch police car
Mar 28 '20 15:15

Since the coronavirus pandemic began in late February, police have arrested at least ten different people for threatening police, bus drivers and supermarket staff with a coronavirus infection by spitting at them or coughing on them. The incidents are causing more concern among police officers, who have already modified their approach to criminal and domestic intervention because of the ongoing health crisis.