Coronavirus Covid-19
Feb 27 '20 14:20

The German health authorities are looking for the around 300 people who attended a carnival party in Langbroich, just across the border with the Netherlands, earlier this month. At least three, possibly four people who attended this event have been diagnosed with coronavirus Covid-19. 

Travelers waiting or their luggage at Schiphol
Feb 27 '20 13:30

The travel industry does not have an action plan for dealing with the consequences of coronavirus Covid-19, Frank Oostdam of travel agencies' organization ANVR said to BNR. Now that the virus is spreading to holiday destinations like Tenerife, travel agencies are facing hundreds of questions about cancelations. 

Gurneys in a hospital corridor
Feb 27 '20 11:50

RISE Labs - the Netherlands' first so-called body broker - is promoting the donation of one's body to science after death as a "cheap alternative to a funeral" which "saves your relatives costs". This body broker, which trades in the body parts of people who made their body available to science after death, is operating in a legally gray area in the Netherlands, Nieuwsuur reports based on its own research. 

Bruno Bruins
Feb 27 '20 07:48

The risk of the coronavirus Covid-19 reaching the Netherlands is real, Minister Bruno Bruins for Medical Care said. The Netherlands is one of the last Western European countries with no Covid-19 diagnoses yet. Bruins understands that people are worried about this and wants to respond with good public information and the right preparations, he said to NOS. 

"We have tested about 50 people in the Netherlands so far. So far the results have all been negative, but sooner or later a patient can of course be found," Bruins said to the broadcaster.

Coronavirus Covid-19
Feb 26 '20 12:14

A German man who was recently diagnosed with coronavirus Covid-19 showed no symptoms when he visited Limburg, public health institute RIVM said on Wednesday afternoon. An investigation into who he came into contact with during his time here is therefore unnecessary, the health authority said to NOS.

Feb 26 '20 09:28

The coronavirus outbreak in China is expected to push the prices of garlic and ginger. China is the world's largest exporter of these aromatics, responsible for 80 percent of all garlic in the world. In the Netherlands, 75 percent of all ginger and 66 percent of all garlic comes from China, according to figures from Statistics Netherlands. And the doors of the Chinese warehouses full of garlic bulbs and ginger roots have been closed for weeks, NOS reports.

Hotels on Tenerife
Feb 26 '20 08:20

Two more people have been diagnosed with coronavirus Covid-19 at hotel H10 Costa Adeje Palace on Tenerife. The hotel on the Canary Island was quarantined on Tuesday after another two guests tested positive for the virus, NOS reports.

Coronavirus Covid-19
Feb 26 '20 07:31

A man tested positive for coronavirus Covid-19 in the German municipality of Selfkant, just across the border from Sittard. Dutch public health institute RIVM announced that the 47-year-old man visited Limburg last week and the GGD is investigating who he was in contact with.

The RIVM did not say where in Limburg the German man was last week. According to the health authority, everyone who was in contact with him will undergo a medical examination. If they show symptoms, they will be quarantined. 

Tenerife island
Feb 25 '20 12:39

A hotel on the Canary Island of Tenerife was placed under quarantine on Tuesday after one of its guests was diagnosed with coronavirus Covid-19. Around a thousand guests are currently staying in the H10 Costa Adja Palace hotel, including at least seven Dutch, NOS reports.

Mother and child wearing medical masks and cleansing their hands
Feb 25 '20 09:17

Netherlands residents are not sure about how to use mouth caps or medical masks to prevent infection with the coronavirus Covid-19, according to a study by the Red Cross. The aid organization therefore advises people to prepare themselves well - also on the proper use of medical masks - before they travel, NOS reports.

Feb 25 '20 07:34

The outbreak of coronavirus Covid-19 in Italy prompted the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs to warn against visiting a number of municipalities in the northern parts of the country. There is also an increased risk to visiting Rome, the Ministry said, reports.

Kids raising their hands in class
Feb 24 '20 15:10

Pricoh, an umbrella organization of 13 schools in Drenthe, sent parents a message on Sunday instructing them to visit a doctor and have their children tested for coronavirus Covid-19 if they traveled to Italy over the holiday. A secondary school in Assen decided to postpone an exchange program with a school in Italy due to the recent reports of Covid-19 cases in the country.

Open plan office
Feb 24 '20 09:19

Employees who work in open-plan, shared work spaces have more problems with fatigue, loss of concentration, stress, and headaches, television program De Monitor reports after speaking to 90 members of the Dutch association for occupational medicine and physicians NVAB.

80 percent of the NVAB members told De Monitor that sick leave would decrease if people worked with fewer colleagues in a room, NOS reports. Almost 60 percent said that shared work spaces should be abolished.

Feb 24 '20 08:23

A 24-year-old Dutch-Chinese woman was attacked in the elevator on the way to her student flat in Tilburg after she asked a group of young people to stop singing a racist song about the coronavirus at her. Cindy was left with a concussion and several cuts, she said to RTL Nieuws.

Schiphol Amsterdam
Feb 21 '20 07:58

39 Dutch who were on cruise ship Westerdam arrived at Schiphol Airport on Friday morning. Their plane, a chartered flight arranged by shipping company Holland America Line for 268 people on board the Westerdam, landed at 6:30 a.m. at the Amsterdam airport, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed to

All inclusive sign
Feb 20 '20 14:20

Many transgender people in the Netherlands have been on waiting lists for care so long that they have started hormone treatment on their own, Trouw reports based on their own research. They share hormones among themselves, or buy them online from abroad - which is not allowed according to the Dutch Medicines Act, the newspaper writes.

KLM and Air France planes at the Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris
Feb 20 '20 08:46

Air France-KLM expects that the consequences of the coronavirus outbreak in China will cost the company up to 200 million euros through to April. The Air France-KLM Group made this announcement as part of its year-end report, where the company took a 1.141 billion euro profit, down 264 million from a year earlier.

Cigarette vending machine
Feb 20 '20 07:36

A majority in the lower house of Dutch parliament wants gas stations and supermarkets to stop selling cigarettes and other tobacco products by next year. According to the CDA and ChristenUnie motion, tobacco products should only be available in specialist shops, AD reports. 

The parties want the government to make agreements with supermarkets and gas stations on this matter. If these stores do not stick to the agreements, the government should force them with a legal obligation. This plan is supported by the CDA, ChristenUnie, D66, SP, GroenLinks, PvdA, 50Plus, PvdD, and SGP.

Diamond Princess
Feb 19 '20 11:10

Five Dutch passengers who were on board the quarantined Diamond Princess are now allowed to leave the cruise ship, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced on Wednesday. The last passengers of Dutch cruise ship Westerdam who are still in Cambodia, are now also allowed to leave the country, shipping company Holland America Line said in a statement, reports.

Medical interns
Feb 18 '20 15:10

More than half of medical students believe that people from poorer families have less chance to be admitted to medical school than their more wealthy peers, according to a study by student platform De Geneeskundestudent among its over 3 thousand members, Trouw reports.

In the 2017 academic year, the government abolished the central draw for study directions with a limited number of places, including medicine. Since then, faculties have been allowed to apply their own selection criteria.

Doctor holding a syringe
Feb 18 '20 09:14

Women and people with a lower level of education are overrepresented among people with mental health problems who requested euthanasia, according to a file analysis by the Euthanasia Expertise Center requested by the Ministry of Public Health. 60 percent of euthanasia requests based on psychiatric problems came from women. And 40 percent of patients in the study had a lower education level, compared to 29 percent in the Dutch population as a whole, Trouw reports.

Feb 18 '20 08:30

A majority in the Tweede Kamer, the lower house of Dutch parliament, support a D66 proposal to allow childcare centers to refuse children who have not been vaccinated. "This is very important for children and parents who can in this way make an informed choice," D66 parliamentarian Paul van Meenen said to RTL Nieuws.

People wearing masks in Beijing, China
Feb 17 '20 08:47

The Dutch branch of the Red Cross launched a campaign on Monday asking the people of the Netherlands to contribute money in the fight against the ongoing coronavirus outbreak. The organization says it needs the money for ambulance transportation, psychological and social assistance in China, and to help educate the public to prevent the virus from spreading.

Feb 14 '20 17:40

Shell instructed a number of its Singapore employees to work from home for the time being after the company confirmed that one employee was in close contact with someone who tested positive for coronavirus Covid-19. The employee in question "is well with no symptoms", the Dutch petroleum company said.