The Nieuwendijk shopping street, completely deserted, in Amsterdam Centrum. May 28, 2020
May 31 '20 16:17

There were 159 patients from the Netherlands being treated for Covid-19 in intensive care on Sunday, according to patient coordination office LCPS. There were about 501 patients without the coronavirus disease being treated in the critical care department, meaning Dutch ICUs were not particularly busy.

"The overall occupancy is low with 660 patients. This is because GPs and hospitals apparently need more time to restart regular care," said Ernst Kuipers, who heads up the network of acute care providers in the Netherlands.

Social distancing promoted on an Amsterdam fire department ladder truck
May 31 '20 14:16

Another 8 people were hospitalized and diagnosed with a Covid-19 infection since the pandemic began, public health agency RIVM said. The total number of those hospitalized with the disease reached 11,735 on Sunday.

None of the newly-acknowledged hospitalizations took place on Saturday, but there was one admission on Thursday and another on Friday.

Artist's rendition of the coronavirus
May 31 '20 13:05

A team at Amsterdam UMC are using vaccines developed in 1927 to try to coax the human immune system into attacking the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. According to the medical center, the new vaccine is aimed at producing antibodies which attach to protein protrusions, or spikes, present on each individual virion.

In this way, the researchers hope to prevent the coronavirus from entering into body cells and multiplying.

Ronald Koeman
May 31 '20 12:10

The Dutch men's national football team manager Ronald Koeman opened up for the first time about the the heart attack he suffered just over three weeks ago. He spoke about the incident, his current health status, and his family health history as a guest on television talk show Beau on Thursday night. 

A common pipistrelle bat, Tirol, Austria
May 31 '20 11:10

The third count of bats in the gardens of the Netherlands concluded last week, with 492 garden owners taking part in a search for the flying chiroptera after the sun had gone down. Bats were spotted in 77 percent of the gardens, with the pipistrelle bat being the most common type seen.

Mammal association Zoogdiervereniging organized the research, with 200 more gardens added to the list of sites involved compared to 2019. The participants managed to witness 2,668 bats as the animals hunted for insects, a primary food source, though about 1,900 were identified.

The Ajax logo at the Johan Cruijff Arena in Amsterdam
May 31 '20 10:15

Event venues, suppliers and the organizers of concerts, sports matches and other events are teaming up to figure out how to organize events that people can attend without risking a coronavirus infection. They're working on ideas on how attendees can enter, sit, use catering and toilet facilities, and leave again, all while maintaining social distancing, NOS reports.

Terrace cordoned off in Amsterdam, 27 May 2020
May 31 '20 09:20

Despite bars, restaurants and cafes finally being allowed to reopen in the Netherlands on Monday, many will be keeping their doors shut for the time being. Many of the smaller establishments physically can't manage to adhere to social distancing and keep everyone 1.5 meters apart. And some who can will be able to accommodate so few customers that opening is not financially possible, AD reports.

Site of a portion of Roman aqueduct discovered in Nijmegen. May 2020
May 31 '20 08:30

Archeologists in Nijmegen have found a section of wall belonging to an ancient Roman aqueduct which once ran from the hills outside Berg en Dal to the legion camp stationed in Nijmegen, the city said in a statement on Saturday. The structure was discovered 3 meters below the surface of a construction pit, which archeologists suspect may have been the remains of a gutter through which water flowed, according to the municipality.

Nasal swab test
May 31 '20 08:00

Testing capacity has been underutilized in hospitals across the Netherlands, according to a new investigation by RTL Nieuws. Some hospitals have only been conducting about 10 percent of the tests they are capable of handling, the broadcast outlet claimed.

Al Madinah Mosque on Loosduinseweg in Den Haag. July 6, 2013
May 31 '20 07:30

At least 21 members of The Hague's Muslim community have tested positive for Covid-19 after an outbreak at the Al Madinah Mosque, sources told Omroep West on Saturday, with one elderly member succumbing to the disease.

The mosque, which is part of the Faizul-Islam religious group, initially shut its doors on March 12 following the outbreak of Covid-19 in the Netherlands. However, according to Omroep West, members of the local Muslim community continued to frequent the mosque during Ramadan, often gathering in groups of more than 30 people.

Dutch police officer
May 30 '20 20:00

A 25-year-old man from Zevenbergen was arrested by the police on Friday evening after plowing his car into two properties, causing damage to the residents' gardens.

The incident, which took place at around 09:20 p.m., prompted the two men who had been in the vehicle to flee the scene after crashing at high-speed on Arembergstraat near the center of the village. Nobody suffered an injury as a result the incident, the police have confirmed.

Brandweer fire department Volkswagen
May 30 '20 19:00

Police in Ermelo have arrested a man on Saturday in connection with an arson incident earlier this week, which left five trucks in flames behind a duck slaughterhouse on Fokko Kortlanglaan. The 34-year-old Noord-Brabant man is currently being investigated for his involvement in Wednesday's incident.

Amsterdam UMC
May 30 '20 18:00

Researchers at Amsterdam UMC are now able to more accurately home in on the time of death of victims at a crime scene using a newly-developed technique, the hospital center announced on Saturday.

Currently, time of death is recorded with a margin of error of several hours, according to the researchers. Using the new technique, which combines temperature and weight measurements, the margin of error is reduced to under an hour.

High workload
May 30 '20 17:15

As the Covid-19 public health crisis puts vacation plans on hold for a majority of Dutch workers, many companies are finding their employees' holiday hours have piled up. According to a report by broadcaster NOS, companies are adapting to the challenge in a variety of ways, ranging from mandating that holidays are taken before a certain date, to making holidays more attractive.

Social distancing reminders on the Nieuwendijk, a major shopping street in Amsterdam Centrum. May 28, 2020
May 30 '20 16:35

There were 170 patients being treated for Covid-19 in intensive care on Saturday, the lowest that patient load has been since March 16. It was a decrease of 10 compared to Friday, with the week ending with 57 fewer patients than at the start.

May 30 '20 15:53

Police have reportedly arrested as many as 30 protesters in The Hague on Saturday for failing to comply with social distancing regulations laid down by acting mayor Johan Remkes earlier in the week.

The protest, which began spreading on the Rijnstraat in the Koekamp over the course of the early afternoon, drew crowds of several dozen people in opposition to the government's Covid-19 response and to 5G technology.

According to police, the protestors had been warned about the regulations, and were taken into custody once it was clear that the ordinance was being ignored.

Cafe de Tropen in Amsterdam expanding its terrace into the courtyard of the Tropenmuseum in preparation for terraces reopening on 1 June 2020. Sign asks visitors to not move the tables which were organized with social distancing in mind. 29 May 2020
May 30 '20 15:00

A hotline will be opened from Monday for employees in the catering sector to share their experiences relating to public health and safety as restaurants and cafes begin to reopen across the Netherlands. Led by catering workers union FNV Horeca, the effort aims to glean insights into how staff are being tasked with responding to the pandemic.

"Many catering establishments will open their doors [from Monday] and with this hotline FNV Horeca will keep a finger on the pulse whether employees think they can do their work safely and healthily," the group said in a statement.

Medical masks
May 30 '20 14:07

Five more patients with Covid-19 were added to the total number of patients hospitalized in the Netherlands with the disease. Each of the five occurred on a different date, including four last week, and one earlier in the month, according to statistics from public health agency RIVM.

In total, 11,727 have required treatment in a hospital for the coronavirus disease since the end of February, the RIVM said.

Desi Bouterse at a military parade following his inauguration as President of the Republic of Suriname, August 12, 2010
May 30 '20 12:29

Dutch diplomats have been joined by their EU and British counterparts in calling on political parties in Suriname to respect the democratic process after the country's parliamentary elections were held on Monday.

In a joint statement with its allies, Dutch representatives in the country's capital of Paramaribo expressed hope that the results would be released swiftly and peacefully after four days of tabulating votes.

May 30 '20 11:25

One in seven female public sector officials under 35 years of age have regularly experienced unwanted sexual behavior at work, according to the findings of new government research, which delved into the extent of discrimination within the public sector.


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