fatal accident

Jun 23 '16 08:11

A man was found dead in a pool of water in Rotterdam after massive storms hit the city during the early hours of Thursday morning

Jun 22 '16 12:50

A psychologist made an "error in judgement" in visiting Remon W. alone in Doetinchem, resulting in W. threatening the psychologist into handing over his car keys and causing a fatal accident, a spokesperson for the knowledge center for psychiatry and psychology NIFP said to AD

Jun 21 '16 14:20

The Public Prosecutor demanded a 60 thousand euro fine against the municipality of Tilburg in the court in Breda on Tuesday. According to the prosecutor, the city's negligence in performing proper maintenance led to a fatal accident in which a 5 month old baby was killed at a local swimming pool in 2011

Prison Cells
Jun 20 '16 15:50

On Monday the court in Den Bosch sentenced two men to prison for a scooter accident in Nijmegen in 2010 that left one man dead. Both were found guilty of death by negligence

Jun 20 '16 13:15

Remon W., the 38 year old Doetinchem man responsible for a traffic accident in Zelhem on Friday in which a 4-year-old boy was killed, was released from custody only 8 days before the accident. The Probation Service was against his release

Jun 14 '16 14:30

A man was killed in an accident during work under a sewer pipe on Letostraat in Tilburg on Monday morning. A trench collapsed, causing an avalanche of sand and trapping the man between the pipe and the sand, a police spokesperson said to Omroep Brabant.

Jun 9 '16 09:23

A 54-year-old woman from Meppel was killed in an accident involving a forklift on the road in front of the COA building in Ter Apel on Wednesday, the police said in a statement.

Jun 6 '16 08:01

Football team Sparta Rotterdam is mourning the death of youth player Ousmane Kone. The 12-year-old footballer died "under tragic circumstances" during the team's end of the season celebration, a police spokesperson said

May 31 '16 08:34

A driving instructor was killed in an accident during a motorcycle driving proficiency class at the TT circuit in Assen on Monday. The police are investigating, but so far assume the accident was caused by "human error".

May 30 '16 11:30

Two Dutch were among nine people killed in a serious accident involving a Jeep, a Toyota Land Cruiser and a truck

May 27 '16 13:00

The woman killed by falling scaffolding in The Hague on Thursday morning was identified as a 47 year old homeless woman

Train tracks
May 26 '16 12:15

One person was killed when a train crashed into a car in Eindhoven on Thursday morning. The victim was the driver of the car

May 6 '16 14:10

The body of a missing Cape Verde ship worker was found in Hondiep, near the Groningen Gaarkeuken on Thursday, the Groningen police announced. The man fell overboard and disappeared underwater in April.

May 5 '16 14:00

An accident caused by a wrong-way driver on the A79 last week, claimed its third victim. A 3-year-old boy who was seriously hurt in the accident, passed away of his injuries

May 3 '16 14:43

Two men were killed and another one injured in an industrial accident in Zaltbommel, Gelderland on Tuesday afternoon. According to the police, the three men fell from a crane. The injured victim was rushed to the hospital in unknown condition.

Apr 29 '16 14:45

Two people were killed in a head-on collision on the A79 between Maastricht and Heerlen on Friday. The accident was caused by a person driving on the wrong side of the highway. Three people were seriously injured and taken to the hospital, according to the police.

Apr 28 '16 07:31

One driver was killed in an accident when a hailstorm hit traffic on the A6 between Lelystad and Emmeloord on Thursday morning. There were collisions on both sides of the highway and the road is closed in both directions, according to traffic information service ANWB.

Apr 20 '16 08:45

One man was killed when the van he was in crashed into a tree on the N709 near Biddinghuizen on Wednesday morning. The five other people in the van were injured, several of them seriously, according to the police.

Apr 1 '16 13:48

A 3-year-old boy was killed on a farm in Scharendijke, Zeeland on Friday morning in an accident with a tractor. The police believe the boy was playing on the farm when the tractor ran over him

 crime scene tape
Feb 23 '16 12:20

An elderly resident of a nursing home in Emmen was killed in a bizarre accident on Tuesday. She and another woman were exercising on exercise bikes in the home's recreation room, when a car crashed into the building.

Jan 5 '16 10:44

Louis and Wilma van Jaarsveld are struggling to cope with the car accident on the A2 near Maarssen last week that killed their son Ricardo and severely injured two grandsons and their daughter-in-law

Jan 4 '16 13:25

The Public Prosecutor is pressing charges of manslaughter and attempted manslaughter against the man responsible for the fatal accident on the A2 highway near Maarssen last week. He was arraigned in hospital on Saturday

Dec 30 '15 12:38

A serious accident on the A2 between Amsterdam and Utrecht left one person dead and seven others injured, according to the police.The highway near Maarssen is closed off while the emergency services work. They expect that it will take the rest of the afternoon.

Oct 19 '15 11:03

A 23 year old man was killed in an explosion on a pleasure boat on the Nieuwe Veerstal in Gouda on Sunday morning. His 60 year old father survived the blast, but was rushed to the hospital with serious injuries


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