Oct 24 '16 10:36

Football club SCH from Nijmegen is taking disciplinary steps against players and the team involved in a brawl with Germania Groesbeek on Saturday. Several people were injured, two seriously enough to go to the hospital, the Gelderlander reports. 

Oct 17 '16 14:10

A group of people affiliated with motorcycle gang Satudarah were banned from stepping on the Rembrandt square in Amsterdam for three months, Het Parool reports. This follows a fight in club Nasty on the Thorbeckeplein

Oct 12 '16 08:16

The police arrested three Romanian men on suspicion of involvement in a brawl in the Amsterdam Red Light District that resulted in the death of Robert Gerritsen.

Oct 10 '16 08:58

Two men were killed in separate shootings in Amsterdam-West on Saturday. A 44-year-old man was fatally wounded in a shooting on Jan Evertsenstraat early in the morning. And 31-year-old Djordy Latumahina was gunned down in a parking lot on Koningin Wilhelminaplein in the afternoon.

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Oct 4 '16 07:40

A dog was killed and a man was injured in a fight on Afrikaner Square in Amsterdam-Oost on Monday night. The police are investigating what happened

Oct 3 '16 15:30

The police arrested a total of seven people in the aftermath of a rival fan fight in the Tilburg stadium during a match between Willem II and Feyenoord. Two were arrested for a fight in the stadium during the match, the other five for refusing to follow police officers after the match. On of the later arrested suspects was the victim in the fight inside the stadium, the police said in a statement.

Sep 14 '16 08:58

Surveillance camera footage of a fight in Amsterdam's Red Light District in one man was killed, was released on Opsporing Verzocht on Tuesday night. The police hope that information from the public will lead to arrests.

Police officers talking to witnesses at a crime scene
Sep 5 '16 12:10

The 32-year-old man seriously injured in a fight in Amsterdam's Red Light District on Saturday night, passed away of his injuries on Monday morning, the police announced.

Sep 5 '16 08:25

A fight in Amsterdam's Red Light District on Saturday night left one man in a coma. The police are looking for witnesses.

Aug 26 '16 10:50

A video was posted on Dumpert that shows quite an impressive fight on an Amsterdam street. The footage shows a man in a white shirt single handedly knock out six people.

A police spokesperson told RTV Noord Holland that the fight happened around 4:00 a.m. on Lange Leidsedwarsstraat in the center of Amsterdam.

No one was arrested. None of those involved were seriously injured and no one wants to press charges, according to the police.


Vught prison
Aug 11 '16 11:10

An employee working at the Vught penitentiary was placed on "compulsory leave" after an incident with a prisoner a few weeks ago, Jaap Oosterveer, spokesperson for the Ministry of Security and Justice, confirmed to newspaper AD. He stressed that the employee was not suspended, but the incident is being investigated.

new police uniform 1
Jun 9 '16 14:15

A SWAT team arrested a 31-year-old man in Tilburg on Tuesday in connection with a traffic accident that turned into a shooting incident in the city on Monday night, the police announced.

May 20 '16 11:30

The police discovered the body of a woman in a home on Jan van Zutphenstraat on Thursday night. Three men were arrested.

May 18 '16 10:48

Natashja and Rene Froger's 18-year-old son Didier was beaten unconscious at a Toppers concert on Saturday night, presenter Natasha confirmed

Police sign
Apr 27 '16 11:45

Three people were arrested, two of whom wounded, in a fight on the Prinsegracht in The Hague on Wednesday morning. A police officer shot one suspect in the leg and the second injured suspect was bitten by a police dog.

The police responded to the scene on Lange Beestenmarkt around 6:00 a.m. based on reports of a weapon seen in a fight. Officers searched checked those involved for weapons.

Apr 8 '16 08:06

A fight between rival motorcycle gangs in Rotterdam-Blijdorp got completely out of hand on Thursday night. One person was seriously injured and 20 people were arrested. The police confiscated a firearm and a knife.

Mar 15 '16 07:36

The number of violent incidents in amateur football is increasing in the larger cities, according to Dutch football association KNVB. The declining trend of the past years may very well be broken this season, spokesperson Hans van Kastel said

asylum seekers
Jan 27 '16 10:06

Emergency services broke up a massive brawl in the emergency asylum shelter in Rosmalen on Tuesday night. No one was injured. Some 100 asylum seekers were involved in the fight

Jan 4 '16 14:40

Odividiu van den Berg was fired from the McDonald's restaurant on Coolsingel in Rotterdam one day after he intervened in an attack on twin sisters. He believes he was fired because he broke up the fight

Dec 30 '15 14:31

VVD city councilor in Weert Rolf Zincken was arrested for beating up business man Eric Adams on Sunday. According to Adams, the two of them were having a discussion at a party at Paterskerk in Weert when the drunk councilor suddenly started hitting him

Dec 25 '15 09:00

A brawl in a parking garage in Breda early on Christmas morning left five people wounded and two arrested. According to the police, sharp objects were used in the fight and the wounded were taken to the hospital with stab wounds.

Dec 21 '15 10:43

Ajax football player Kenny Tete was recently arrested for his involvement in a brawl in a coffeeshop in Amsterdam. He will be prosecuted, the Public Prosecutor confirmed

Nov 25 '15 07:23

A fight in the asylum center located in the former prison Koepel in Arnhem on Tuesday, ended with three asylum seekers arrested. One was arrested for vandalism, the other two for threats.

new police uniform 1
Nov 4 '15 15:30

A road side brawl on the Grote Stern in Rozenburg on Tuesday night ended with one man dead and three people arrested. It seems that the fight started because the deceased man was angry that one of the other parties was driving too slow.


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