Wilders tweets 2015 asylum center fight video in new deportation call

Asylum seekers fighting in a shelter in Apeldoorn, 4 Dec 2016
Asylum seekers fighting in a shelter in Apeldoorn, 4 Dec 2016. (Screenshot / Twitter / @geertwilderspvv)

PVV leader Geert Wilders issued another deportation call on Twitter, posting a video of a "recent" fight between asylum seekers in a shelter in Apeldoorn. But according to the police, the video is just over a year old and the asylum center in which it was shot is not even open any more.

On Twitter Wilders called it a "SHOCKING VIDEO". According to him, the fight happened this past Friday in an asylum center in Apeldoorn. He received the video from an employee. He ends the tweet with the hashtag #kickthemoutofourcountry

Dutch newspaper AD asked the police in Oost-Nederland about the video. According to a spokesperson, the footage shows a fight that happened on December 4th, 2015. The asylum center in question closed earlier this year. According to the spokesperson, the fight got media attention when it happened.

In reaction Wilders told the newspaper that he did not know how old the video is. "I did not know, now I do. But that does not matter because it happened and I only got it from an employee of an asylum center today and these images were not published earlier."