Football club SCH from Nijmegen is taking disciplinary steps against players and the team involved in a brawl with Germania Groesbeek on Saturday. Several people were injured, two seriously enough to go to the hospital, the Gelderlander reports. 

The fight started on the field during a match between SCH 5 and Germania's second Saturday team in Groesbeek. A Germania spokesperson told the Gelderlander that things went wrong when a Germania players was kicked in the head after a fall. The situation escalated when SCH players noticed a Germania supporter filming the fight. The fight also spilled over to the cantine. 

Two people were taken to hospital after the fight, with what looked like a broken nose and fractured eye socket, according to the newspaper. By the time the police arrived, SCH already left. Officers took witness statements and registered charges. So far no arrests were made.

SCH wants to temporarily suspend the SCH 5 team for its involvement in the fight. The three players involved in the fight on the field can expect harsher penalties. Dutch football association KNVB is also investigating the incident and can impose further punishment.