Seven arrested in run up to PEC Zwolle - FC Utrecht match

Arrest (Photo: Politie) police. (Arrest (Photo: Politie))

The police arrested seven men for brawling prior to a football match between PEC Zwolle and FC Utrecht in Zwolle on Wednesday. The police believe that all arrested suspects are supporters of one of the two football teams, De Stentor reports.

The police responded to reports of a brawl on Rhijvis Feithlaan, at the height of Banginesingel on Wednesday afternoon. Several officers were already on site preparing for the football match. They were therefore able to stop the brawl soon after it began.

Five men were arrested on suspicion of involvement in the fight immediately after it was broken up. One of them had minor injuries and was taken for treatment. Two more suspects were arrested after the match. The police are investigating their involvement in the incident. 

The suspects are five men from Zwolle, two 34 year olds, and aged 32, 38 and 26, one 18 year old man from Houten and a 16 year old boy from Kampen.