A tree crashed over the Herengracht in Amsterdam
Nov 2 '13 06:00

The round-up of some of this week’s most noteworthy events and news stories features: the violent autumn storm that passed over The Netherlands, two dead by fire in wind turbine, top Dutch baseball players, violence against gay people in Vondelpark, and the death of Bonfire.

Oct 30 '13 00:01

The storm that raged over The Netherlands on Monday caused at least 95 million euros in damage, announces the association of Insurers Tuesday, based on initial estimates.

Oct 29 '13 00:01

A severe storm from the southwest moved across The Netherlands on Monday. The KNMI issued a code red, the highest weather alert, for extreme weather in the west, center and north of the country. The alert was withdrawn around 14:45 pm.

Oct 28 '13 02:00

The stormy weather in the Netherlands continues on Monday. The Dutch Meteorological Institute (KNMI) announced a code orange for Monday.

On Sunday wind gusts of 100 km/hr were measured near IJmuiden. The KNMI expects speeds up to 140 km/hr on Monday.

Definition Storm

Oct 24 '13 03:12

For the second consecutive day a slight earthquake occurred in the North Holland Castricum coastal town. The KNMI said the quake had a magnitude of 2.0 on the Richter scale.

Oct 14 '13 05:16

In the whole country, heavy rain has caused many problems, especially in the provinces Zuid Holland, Utrecht and Zeeland.

Worst hit by the heavy rains was the Zuid Holland island of Goeree Overflakkee which was flooded by 120mm of rain. This is the same as pouring twelve buckets of water over one square meter and that’s a lot.

Flooded basements and streets

Oct 10 '13 02:37

The Dutch Oil Company (NAM) would like to talk with the retired engineer Adriaan Houtenbos, who states that Groningen residents should expect more and more severe earthquakes.

Oct 4 '13 03:51

In the Groningen province Loppersum there was another small earthquake on Wednesday evening. The quake occurred just before 22:30 in the village of Wirdum and was mainly felt in the neighboring village Garrelsweer.


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