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Jan 9 '18 12:00

The body of a dead man was found in a flat where two suspects apparently tried to evade police by leaping from the third-floor apartment’s balcony. The two suspects were seriously injured as a result and taken to an area hospital under police supervision.

Oct 10 '16 07:59

A dead body was found in a home on De Ruyterstraat in Almelo on Sunday night. The police are investigating the cause of death. One man was arrested.

Aug 26 '16 09:11

A body was found in the water of a canal next to the N236 at Driemond in Amsterdam early on Friday morning

Aug 18 '16 16:30

A 59-year-old man found lying in his garden with severe burns in Oudwoude on Wednesday night, died in hospital on Thursday morning, the police said in a statement on Thursday.

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Aug 2 '16 12:35

A body was found in the German town of Nordhorn during an investigation into the disappearance of Amsterdam man Juan Antonio Alvarez. It is not clear yet whether the it's Alvarez' body

Jul 18 '16 16:15

The body of a man was found in a garden on Beusakker in the Noord-Brabant town of Someren on Monday morning. The police are investigating how the man died

Jul 12 '16 12:40

Five teenage boys in Baarn discovered a dead body in a pond on Monday night while hunting for Pokemon in the immensely popular new smartphone game Pokemon Go

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Jun 7 '16 13:30

The body of a man was found in a home on Van der Meystraat in Eindhoven at around 10:30 a.m. on Tuesday. A woman found in the same house was taken to the hospital, the police said on Twitter.

May 23 '16 13:26

One man was arrested after the discovery of a body on Schalk Burgerstraat in The Hague on Monday morning, the police announced. Officers are also investigating whether the body is linked to a burning car found in the vicinity.

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Mar 16 '16 10:15

A soldier was arrested a woman was found dead in a home in Kaatsheuvel on Wednesday morning. The police believe she was murdered.

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Mar 4 '16 11:02

A dead body was found in a house in Bilthoven registered to business man Koen Everink, the man assaulted by kickboxer Badr Hari. The house is located on Hoflaan in Bilthoven

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Nov 6 '15 17:35

A Rijen resident made a shocking discovery in his home on Breebroek on Friday morning - the dead body of a man. The police suspect that the man was murdered.

Police sign
Aug 31 '15 09:08

A suitcase containing the lifeless body of a woman was found floating in the Maas river in Maastricht on Friday. The police are asking the public's help to identify the victim.

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Oct 14 '14 16:40

Police found a dead human body in a car that was found this morning burning in Lelystad.

Sep 26 '14 14:19

Another two suspect have been arrested in the investigation into the death of Yvon Pfaff. The suspects are a 40 year old resident of Hertogenbosch and a 37 year old man from Druten.

Jul 8 '14 15:22

A man was discovered dead in his home last week, years after his death. A neighbor tells AT5 that he has been busy for a long time warning authorities in the neighborhood of Slotermeer of the possible death of his fellow area resident.

Jun 23 '14 13:47

Rescue services discovered a body in a burnt-out vehicle near Sint-Michielsgestel, Noord-Brabant early Sunday morning. The Police is saying that they are not ruling out a possible crime.

Apr 6 '14 17:57

A lifeless body of a man was found this morning in the Waal River in Nijmegen.

Aug 10 '13 17:21

The mystery over a girl from Utrecht who had been missing since Thursday morning is finally uncovered.

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