Woman's body stuffed in suitcase found floating down river

A suitcase containing the lifeless body of a woman was found floating in the Maas river in Maastricht on Friday. The police are asking the public's help to identify the victim.

The gruesome discovery was made in the Maas on Borgharenweg on Friday. The police believe that the suitcase may have been dumped into the river from the Servaasbrug on Tuesday.

The victim is a Caucasian woman with a medium build. She is about 1.7 meters tall and weighs 71 kilograms. The police estimates her age between 40 and 60 years. She has brown, wavy hair down to her neck and brown-green colored eyes. She was wearing a gold colored ring on the ring finger of her right hand and golden studs with a stone in them in both her ears. The victim was wearing dark blue trousers, a multi-colored T-shirt and black socks. She has no other identifying features on her body. A photo of the victim can be viewed here, though be warned that the image may be disturbing to sensitive viewers.

The police have also spread the woman's description and picture through Germany and Belgium. A investigation team, containing 10 detectives, are working on the case. An autopsy will be performed on the victim's body to determine the cause of death.


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