Apr 1 '16 09:39

The police are concerned that the confiscation of 5 thousand kilograms of Netherlands-bound cocaine, worth about 150 million euros, in Belgium last week, will lead to retaliation within the crime world, possibly in the form of assassinations. Investigators are therefore calling on anyone involved in this shipment to turn themselves in.

Mar 28 '16 10:57

Almost 5 thousand kilograms of cocaine was discovered in a container in the port of Antwerp last week. It is believed that the drugs were destined for the Netherlands. The Dutch police arrested to suspects, one in Breda and on in Drimmelen, in connection with the discovery.

Feb 23 '16 14:25

On Sunday police arrested a suspect in connection with a brawl in a Breda nightclub on January 31st. The 28-year-old man from Terneuzen was identified based on video footage.

Feb 19 '16 15:55

Dutch tennis association KNLTB is stunned by an ESSA report which states that there was match fixing involved in two tennis-matches in the Netherlands last year. The report does not say which matches or on what level, only that the one match happened between April and June and the other between July and September.

Feb 19 '16 14:40

Police were called to the Amphia hospital in Oosterhout, Noord-Brabant after a 62-year-old Breda man walked in with a gunshot wound. The victim said he was shot near his Murphy’s Steakhouse restaurant on Tilburgseweg in Oosterhout.

Breda men kidnapped
Jan 27 '16 10:50

The police arrested a 50 year old man from Chaam on Tuesday on suspicion of involvement in the kidnapping of Rien de Koning and Gino Heeren in Breda end December. The suspect's house was searched and the police believe that more arrests will follow.

Breda men kidnapped
Jan 7 '16 15:55

The police are "seriously considering" the scenario that the kidnapping of 18 year old Gino Heeren and 42 Rien de Koning in Breda last week was in retaliation of a "rip deal" - a criminal transaction in which one party robs the other - involving cannabis, police chief Hans Vissr of the Zeeland-West-Brabant union said during the presentation of their annual figures

Jan 7 '16 13:00

This year began spectacularly for one year old leukemia patient Ana Elena from Breda. Her one in 100 thousand stem cell match was grafted and the little girl is doing well, her mother Carolina Borges said on Facebook.

Jan 6 '16 08:43

Breda internet marketing company Yonego is giving their male employees four weeks of paid paternity leave after the birth of their child. This was implemented on January 1st

Breda men kidnapped
Jan 5 '16 08:09

The men who kidnapped Gino Heeren and Rien de Koning from a car dealership last week, demanded 90 thousand euros in ransom from their family

no image
Dec 31 '15 13:25

There is still no trace of 18 year old Gino Heeren and 42 year old Rien de Koning, who were kidnapped from a car dealership in Breda on Tuesday. The police are investigating dozens of tips.

Dec 31 '15 08:05

Two men were kidnapped from car dealership Rene de Koning Auto's on Aardenhoek in Breda at 11:20 a.m. on Tuesday by four men who may have been posing as police officers. One of the kidnappers wore a short, black jacket with a police logo on the back and the men were taken away in a blue Volkswagen Transporter van with a flashing light on the roof.

Dec 29 '15 11:25

Three asylum seekers were discovered hiding in a Portuguese refrigerated truck at the Hazeldonk border crossing in Breda on Tuesday morning. The police believe that the asylum seekers, two Iraqis and one Iranian, sneaked into the truck at a resting place in Lille, France.

Dec 28 '15 07:42

A person driving in the wrong direction on the A16 on Sunday evening caused several accidents between Breda and Antwerp. No one was injured in the four accidents in the Netherlands, but one person was hurt in a more severe collision in Belgium, according to the police.

Police sign
Dec 25 '15 14:40

The police arrested another 13 suspects in connection with the brawl in a Breda parking garage early on Christmas morning. Five people were taken to the hospital with stab wounds, but none of them had to stay in the hospital after treatment.

Dec 25 '15 09:00

A brawl in a parking garage in Breda early on Christmas morning left five people wounded and two arrested. According to the police, sharp objects were used in the fight and the wounded were taken to the hospital with stab wounds.

Dec 21 '15 12:30

With the Netherlands' tradition of fireworks over New Year's fast approaching, many pet owners are looking for ways to help ease their pets' anxiety caused by the loud bangs and flashing lights. Veterinarian Erik Dirks from Breda warns pet owners not to give their dogs any medicine with acepromazine as active substance. According to him, these medicines are not dog-friendly

No Surrender
Dec 11 '15 12:35

A member of motorcycle club No Surrender was arrested on Thursday evening on his way to deliver Christmas trees to the food bank in Vlaardingen. In addition to the Christmas trees, the 43-year-old man was also in the possession of 37 packets of hard drugs and ecstasy pills.

Dec 4 '15 10:06

Jan Koevoets feels humiliated by the way the Amphia Hosipital, formerly the St Ignatius hospital, in Breda treated him after it was discovered that he was switched with another baby, Martino Kerremans, in 1953. It took a long time for the hospital to respond to his demand for compensation, and when they did he was only offered a weekend away worth 500 euros

Dec 3 '15 16:40

The Amphia Hospital in Breda is prepared to pay compensation to Jan Koevoets, who was swapped with another baby at birth in the hospital in 1953.

no image
Nov 30 '15 16:45

In 1953 Jan Koevoets was swapped at birth with another baby, Martino Kerremans, in the Ignatius Hospital, which later became Amphia, in Breda. Koevoets is now suing Amphia for compensation. His lawyers think that 100 thousand euros should cover the damages

Lady Justice
Nov 27 '15 14:35

Three men were sentenced on appeal to 20 years in prison each for the murder of 12 year old Danny Gubbels in Breda in 2010. The sentences are equal to what the Public Prosecutor demanded.

Breda explosives investigation - car bomb
Nov 13 '15 15:32

Chris van Esch, the 63 year old man who was critically injured when his car exploded in Breda on Wednesday, has a criminal record spanning 30 years. His record includes drug related offenses, theft and assault

Breda explosives investigation - car bomb
Nov 12 '15 16:51

Investigators in Breda evacuated 12 homes after discovering “possibly explosive materials” in an apartment Thursday afternoon, the police said on Twitter. A 69-year-old man was taken into custody at the flat.


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