Nabil Amzieb

Mar 9 '17 14:00

Exactly a year ago today the severed head of Nabil Amzieb was found in front of shisha lounge Fayrouz on Amstelveenseweg in Amsterdam. A year later the case is still shrouded in mystery.

Aug 16 '16 08:07

On Friday Anderson Munoz Marquinez was stabbed to death on Wisseloord in Gein, the 15th murder in Amsterdam this year. With that the murder count in the Dutch capital stands equal to the people murdered in the city in all of 2015

May 30 '16 07:54

Authorities in Morocco arrested a suspect in connection with the decapitation of Nabil Amzieb, whose severed head was left in front of the Fayrouz shisha lounge in Amsterdam on March 8th.

May 4 '16 07:33

New video footage was released in the case surrounding the beheading of Nabil Amzieb in March. The new surveillance camera video, shown on Opsporing Verzocht on Tuesday, shows a Volkswagen Caddy containing the Amsterdam man's decapitated body blowing up on Mijehof in the city.

May 3 '16 07:42

A 20 thousand euro reward was issued for for information in the case surrounding the assassination of Amsterdam man Nabil Amzieb, whose severed head was found outside a shisha lounge in the capital on March 9th. The police will also be releasing new surveillance camera footage of the crime on Opsporing Verzocht on Tuesday.

Mar 21 '16 08:21

Some 200 people took part in a silent vigil for 23-year-old Dutch-Moroccan Nabil Amzieb in Amsterdam on Sunday. Among them were a remarkable number of women - mothers calling for an end to the gang war that cost so many lives over the past years

Mar 18 '16 08:31

A silent march is being held for murdered 23-year-old Nabil Amzieb in Amsterdam on Sunday. The march will begin on the Museumplein at noon, from where participants will walk to Amstelveenseweg, ending in front of closed shisha lounge Fayrouz around 3:00 p.m.

Mar 17 '16 11:44

Amstelveenseweg in Amsterdam is getting a bit of a makeover after the head of 23 year old Nabil Amzieb was discovered there last week. The municipality hopes that this will help "recover the sense of social security in the street"

Mar 16 '16 07:45

The police released surveillance camera footage showing the person who placed Nabil Amzieb's severed head in front of a shisha lounge in Amsterdam last week. They also released more information about the case on Opsporing Verzochot on Tuesday night, in the hope that information from the public will help lead to an arrest.

Mar 15 '16 07:19

The person who put Nabil Amzieb's head in front of a shisha lounge in Amsterdam last week, was filmed on surveillance camera. The Amsterdam police are calling on the person to turn himself in

Mar 11 '16 12:10

Homicide investigators in Amsterdam are turning to social media in the hopes of gathering more information about a gruesome murder in which a severed head was found on a city street, and the remaining body found inside a burning stolen van miles away. The death of 23-year-old Nabil Amzieb has been in the headlines for several days in the Netherlands, with the smoldering car found in Amsterdam Zuidoost on March 8, and Amzieb’s head was discovered outside a shisha lounge on Amstelveenseweg in Amsterdam Zuid the next morning.

Mar 10 '16 16:10

The police connected a second burnt out car to the murder of beheaded Nabil Amzieb in Amsterdam. A burnt out Volkswagen Polo was discovered on Kelbergen in Amsterdam Zuidoost on Wednesday morning. The police believe it was used as a getaway car.

Mar 10 '16 11:54

Decapitated Nabil Amzieb was not a notorious career criminal, but did have friends known to be involved in the gang conflict going on in Amsterdam since 2012

Mar 9 '16 15:10

Nabil Amzieb's severed head being left in front of a known criminal hangout in Amsterdam on Wednesday morning, is a clear signal to other criminals in the underworld, according to Marijn Schrijver, co-author of the book Mocro Mafia.

Mar 9 '16 14:45

The whole Amsterdam is "shocked" by the discovery of a severed head on Amstelveenseweg on Wednesday morning, Mayor Eberhard van der Laan said in a short statement before the start of the general council meeting on Wednesday. Given the gruesome discovery, the mayor decided to immediately close shisha lounge Fayrouz, in front of which the head was found

Mar 9 '16 11:29

The decapitated body and severed head found in diferent parts of Amsterdam this week, belong to 23-year-old Amsterdam resident Nabil Amzieb. He had previous run-ins with the law and was known to the police

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