Severed head found in Amsterdam still a mystery one year later

Nabil Amzieb (Photo: Opsporing Verzocht). (Nabil Amzieb (Photo: Opsporing Verzocht))

Exactly a year ago today the of was found in front of shisha lounge Fayrouz on Amstelveenseweg in Amsterdam. A year later the case is still shrouded in mystery.

Amzieb's in a burnt out car on Meijehof in Amsterdam Zuidoost the previous day. The young Amsterdam man was missing for a few days before his remains were discovered. 

It is still unclear who murdered Amzieb, Het Parool reports. The man who placed his head in front of the shisha lounge - - still hasn't been identified. The in this case was made in May last year. According to the newspaper, new arrests aren't expected in the short term. 

Amzieb had friends in the criminal world, but as far as can be determined,

It seems clear that whoever it is that killed Amzieb,. Fayrouz, wich was closed down by Mayor Eberhard van der Laan shortly after the discovery of Amzieb's head, was for people with connections to Benaouf A. and Houssine A., according to Het Parool. Both are key players in the - a conflict between rival gangs in the Dutch capital that started in 2012 and has since caused dozens of assassinations.