Amsterdam police cordon off Amstelveenseweg after a suspicious package was found outside kosher restaurant Ha Carmel, 15 January 2020
Jan 15 '20 11:40

A suspicious package was found on Amstelveenseweg in Amsterdam Zuid on Wednesday morning. The package was found at kosher restaurant Ha Carmel, which was previously the target of vandalism multiple times.

Eventually, police said no explosives were found in the suspicious package. But Jewish organization Federatief Joods NL said on social media that the "crystal clear" motive behind the incident was anti-Semitism. They noted that the restaurant has been targeted four times in two years.

Mar 19 '18 11:50

On Monday morning the police arrested a man who was behaving suspiciously at kosher restaurant Ha Carmel on Amstelveenseweg in Amsterdam. Video footage shows the man screaming in front of the restaurant, reports.

Mar 2 '18 10:50

Kosher restaurant Ha Carmel on Amstelveenseweg in Amsterdam was again vandalized. The restaurant owners arrived on Friday morning to find a massive star of cracks on one of the windows. The police believe something was thrown at it, Het Parool reports.

The police are currently doing a forensic investigation at the restaurant.

Lady Justice
Dec 20 '17 17:10

Saleh A., a 29-year-old man who broke the windows of kosher restaurant Ha Carmel in Amsterdam while carrying a Palestinian flag on December 7th, apologizes to the owner of the restaurant and the Dutch people, his lawyer said in court on Wednesday. He attacked the restaurant out of anger about the situation in Israel, the man told the court, the Telegraaf  reports.

Dec 18 '17 09:48

Minister Ferdinand Grapperhaus of Justice and Security, Deputy Prime Minister Carola Schouten and acting Amsterdam mayor Jozias van Aartsen attended a Hanukkah celebration on Scheldeplein in Amsterdam's Rivierenbuurt on Sunday evening.

Dec 14 '17 15:20

A 29-year-old man who was arrested after breaking the windows of kosher restaurant Ha Carmel on Amstelveenseweg in Amsterdam last week, fought against terrorist organization ISIS in the past, his layer Willem van Vliet said on Thursday. According to the lawyer, his client made a full confession and did not commit this vandalism with an anti-Semitic motive, but out of despair over the situation in Palestine, reports.

Dec 7 '17 14:20

A man carrying a Palestinian flag broke the windows of a Jewish restaurant in Amsterdam on Thursday morning. The police can't yet say whether this act of vandalism is related to the United States deciding to move their embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, RTL Nieuws reports.

Video footage of the incident on Amstelveenseweg show the man smashing the restaurant windows with a club and kicking them in. Two officers overpowered him with pepper spray and arrested him. 

Mar 31 '17 14:50

On Wednesday the police arrested six people suspected of involvement in a valuables transport robbery in Amsterdam in December. One of the suspects is the driver of the transport van, the police said in a statement on Friday, ANP reports.

Five suspects were arrested in Amsterdam, one in Utrecht. Some of the stolen goods were also recovered. 

Mar 9 '17 14:00

Exactly a year ago today the severed head of Nabil Amzieb was found in front of shisha lounge Fayrouz on Amstelveenseweg in Amsterdam. A year later the case is still shrouded in mystery.

May 4 '16 07:33

New video footage was released in the case surrounding the beheading of Nabil Amzieb in March. The new surveillance camera video, shown on Opsporing Verzocht on Tuesday, shows a Volkswagen Caddy containing the Amsterdam man's decapitated body blowing up on Mijehof in the city.

May 3 '16 07:42

A 20 thousand euro reward was issued for for information in the case surrounding the assassination of Amsterdam man Nabil Amzieb, whose severed head was found outside a shisha lounge in the capital on March 9th. The police will also be releasing new surveillance camera footage of the crime on Opsporing Verzocht on Tuesday.

Mar 18 '16 08:31

A silent march is being held for murdered 23-year-old Nabil Amzieb in Amsterdam on Sunday. The march will begin on the Museumplein at noon, from where participants will walk to Amstelveenseweg, ending in front of closed shisha lounge Fayrouz around 3:00 p.m.

Mar 17 '16 11:44

Amstelveenseweg in Amsterdam is getting a bit of a makeover after the head of 23 year old Nabil Amzieb was discovered there last week. The municipality hopes that this will help "recover the sense of social security in the street"

Mar 16 '16 07:45

The police released surveillance camera footage showing the person who placed Nabil Amzieb's severed head in front of a shisha lounge in Amsterdam last week. They also released more information about the case on Opsporing Verzochot on Tuesday night, in the hope that information from the public will help lead to an arrest.

Mar 10 '16 16:10

The police connected a second burnt out car to the murder of beheaded Nabil Amzieb in Amsterdam. A burnt out Volkswagen Polo was discovered on Kelbergen in Amsterdam Zuidoost on Wednesday morning. The police believe it was used as a getaway car.

Mar 9 '16 15:10

Nabil Amzieb's severed head being left in front of a known criminal hangout in Amsterdam on Wednesday morning, is a clear signal to other criminals in the underworld, according to Marijn Schrijver, co-author of the book Mocro Mafia.

Mar 9 '16 14:45

The whole Amsterdam is "shocked" by the discovery of a severed head on Amstelveenseweg on Wednesday morning, Mayor Eberhard van der Laan said in a short statement before the start of the general council meeting on Wednesday. Given the gruesome discovery, the mayor decided to immediately close shisha lounge Fayrouz, in front of which the head was found

Mar 9 '16 09:02

A severed head was discovered on Amstelveenseweg in Amsterdam on Wednesday morning. The head was placed in a bucket, which was turned to face the Fayrouz Lounge. The police are at the scene.

Dec 16 '15 11:01

The police released a photo of the suspected gunman of the double-shooting in front of an Italian restaurant on Amstelveenseweg in Amsterdam on Friday night.

Dec 14 '15 11:30

The two men seriously injured in a shooting incident on Amstelveenseweg in Amsterdam on Friday night, were the victims of a targeted attack, the police believe. Any witnesses are asked to come forward.

Nov 12 '15 12:20

A suspect was hit by a police bullet after he and two others broke into a car in Amsterdam on Wednesday night. All three suspects were arrested.

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Sep 8 '15 09:47

A burst in the water main has flooded part of Amsterdam-Zuid. The burst is located at the junction of Amstelveenseweg and Van der Boechorstraat. Firefighters and emergency services are at the scene.

Jun 22 '15 14:15

Conscious Hotels will soon be opening a third Eco-friendly location in Amsterdam - the former mental hospital Mentrum on Amstelveenseweg is to be converted into a 110 room hotel and coffee bar. Founders Sam Cohen and Marco Lemmers hopes to have the hotel open by the second half of 2016

no image
May 29 '14 10:00

Police in Amsterdam have put out a public call for any information known about the escape route of the people who killed top criminal Gwenette Martha on Thursday, the 22nd of May in Amstelveen.


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