Severed head found on Amsterdam street

A severed head was discovered on Amstelveenseweg in Amsterdam on Wednesday morning. The head was placed in a bucket, which was turned to face the Fayrouz Lounge. The police are at the scene.

So far nothing is known about the identity of the victim. But it may be connected to a body found in a burning van on Mijehof in Zuidoost on Tuesday morning. The police revealed on Tuesday evening that the body was that of a 23 year old man from Amsterdam and that it was decapitated. The victim had a crime record.

The severed head was found by a passerby around 7:30 a.m.. According to a witness, the head was placed to look into the shisha lounge. "It was covered in blood", the witness said to AD. Another said the head belonged to a "Moroccan man". The police instructed all bystanders to delete any photos they took.

According to Het Parool, the Fayrouz Lounge is known to be a meeting place for the group of criminals involved in the bloody, assassination filled gang war in Amsterdam since 2012.