Amsterdam Kosher restaurant vandalized again

Dutch police officers (Stock Photo: Politie)Dutch police officers (Stock Photo: Politie)

Kosher restaurant Ha Carmel on Amstelveenseweg in Amsterdam was again vandalized. The restaurant owners arrived on Friday morning to find a massive star of cracks on one of the windows. The police believe something was thrown at it, Het Parool reports.

The police are currently doing a forensic investigation at the restaurant.

On December 7th last year the restaurant's windows were smashed by 29-year-old Saleh A., who was carrying a Palestinian flag at the time. A. is being prosecuted for vandalism and being psychologically examined, but can await his sentence in freedom.

After the vandalism in December, owner Sami Bar-on installed shatter-proof windows. But the window was still severely damaged. It will be replaced on Friday, he said to the newspaper. 

These were also not the only attacks on his restaurant, he said. In January someone smeared a mixture of eggs and mayonnaise on the restaurant's facade. And there are weekly incidents of someone spitting on the restaurant, or making anonymous phone calls. "Then they shout 'Palestine free' or 'Allah Akbar'. They sometimes keep calling, but then I just hang up again and again."

Bar-on previously requested permanent police and camera surveillance for his restaurant. But in January the municipality rejected this request, according to the newspaper. He will now file another request.