Yet another hand grenade found in Amsterdam Zuidoost

A member of the Explosive Ordnance Disposal (Picture: Twitter/@Corvettemichel)A member of the Explosive Ordnance Disposal (Picture: Twitter/@Corvettemichel)

The police again discovered a hand grenade on Bijlmerplein in Amsterdam Zuidoost. The explosive was found around 3:00 a.m. on Thursday, in the same spot where another grenade was found last week, according to AT5.

Defense's explosive removal department went to collect the object and took it away for further investigation, reports. They concluded that it was indeed a hand grenade, and then dismantled the explosive.

This is the fourth explosive found in Amsterdam in eight days, and the umpteenth since early last year.

Last week a hand grenades were found on Bijlmerplein and in front of a hotel near one of the southern entrances of Vondelpark, and an explosive was found in front of a business on Lemelerbergweg in Zuidoost. Earlier in this month a firebomb was thrown into restaurant Hotel Buiten on Sloterplas.

In August there were five incidents involving grenades in the Amsterdam area. A grenade exploded in apartment building Buekehnorst in Diemen on August 31st. An explosive was found on Voetboogstraat on August 16th. A day earlier a grenade exploded in front of the Marovaan restaurant on Johan Huizingalaan. And the day before that explosives were found on Jan Evertsenstraat and again Johan Huizingalaan.

A grenade exploded in front of a home on Nieuwenhuysenstraat in the Amsterdam district of Slotermeer on July 25th, and one was found at a cocktail bar on Korte Leidsedwarsstraat in January. Last year grenades were found at club In the City on Leidseplein and Club ABE on Amstelstraat.