Explosive found at Amsterdam office building

Police officers on the street
Police officers on the streetPhoto: Politie

An explosive was found at a business premises on Lemelerbergweg in Amsterdam Zuidoost during the early hours of Wednesday morning. The police can not yet say what type of explosive was involved, NU.nl reports.

Police officers responded to a report of an explosive on the street at around 3:00 a.m. At the scene the officers indeed found an explosive. Defense's explosive disposal service was called in to make sure the explosive wasn't going to blow up so that forensic investigators could do a trace evidence investigation at the scene.

The police are currently investigating the incident and call on witnesses to come forward. Part of the investigation is focused on finding out whether this explosive is linked to previous cases in which hand grenades were left at Amsterdam businesses.

In August there were five incidents involving grenades in the Amsterdam area. A grenade exploded in apartment building Buekehnorst in Diemen on August 31st. An explosive was found on Voetboogstraat on August 16th. A day earlier a grenade exploded in front of the Marovaan restaurant on Johan Huizingalaan. And the day before that explosives were found on Jan Evertsenstraat and again Johan Huizingalaan.

A grenade exploded in front of a home on Nieuwenhuysenstraat in the Amsterdam district of Slotermeer on July 25th, and one was found at a cocktail bar on Korte Leidsedwarsstraat in January. Last year grenades were found at club In the City on Leidseplein and Club ABE on Amstelstraat.