Dec 27 '16 08:48

Dutch people over the age of 75 are increasingly using the internet, according to figures Statistics Netherlands released on Tuesday. Currently 60 percent of Dutch elderly have internet access at home, compared to slightly more than 40 percent four years ago.

This age group is also making increasing use of smartphones and tablets, in addition to PC's and laptops. In 2012 about 10 percent of over-75 year olds had a tablet and 5 percent had a smartphone, now 30 percent have these devices.

Dec 19 '16 12:20

Cyclist association Fietsersbond sees very little merit in banning the use of smartphones while cycling. Such a ban is unenforceable and instead of creating this senseless law, the government would do better to make a mobility mode mandatory on all smartphones, Saskia Kluit, director of the Fietsersbond, said to newspaper AD.

Apr 29 '16 10:06

Activists are calling on the Netherlands to switch off their smartphones for two minutes during the moment of silence on Remembrance day.

Geurt Bagchus
Nov 13 '15 11:11

A third of Dutch people have noticed a deterioration in their sex life since the advent of tablets and smartphones. Among Dutch between the ages of 25 and 34 years, half think that this technology has a negative affect on their bedroom activities.

Sep 18 '15 10:34

Public transit users may soon be able to pay for a trip on bus, tram, train or subway using their debit cards or smartphones. This new methods of payments are in addition to the public transport cards.

Aug 24 '15 14:19

SkinVision, a smartphone app that can analyse and track changes in moles and identify suspicious skin growths like melanomas, has received a 3 million euro investment to expand the app's capabilities.

Jun 18 '15 17:14

80 percent of Dutch people aged above 13 possess a smartphone and 65 percent own a tablet, according to research by GfK. Among younger individuals, the share of smartphone owners reaches 96 percent. The penetration level of tablets is now higher than that of PCs owned by 60% of the Dutch.

Jun 11 '15 14:35

Editors are urging State Secretary Sander Dekker of Media to stop unfair competition in public broadcasting, referring to the Dutch Public Broadcaster's, or NPO, plans to focus completely on digital media in the coming years.

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May 19 '15 11:44

A new app for smartphones released by the Dutch Central Bank (DNB) on Monday allows to check for authenticity of euro banknotes. The app scans the security features and the structure of banknotes to determine if it is genuine.

May 1 '15 10:05

The police are not allowed to just search a smartphone after seizing it as it is contrary to the European Convention on Human Rights, the court in Leeuwarden ruled on April 22nd. According to the court, a smartphone is more than just a phone, Tweakers reports.

Apr 6 '15 15:15

A majority (85 percent) of high schools in the Netherlands make use of smartphones in education, although most do so reluctantly. This is according to a survey done by NOS among 137 high schools.

Jan 21 '15 10:56

This past year was a record year for chip producer ASML. Last year the company's revenue rose from 5.25 billion euros to 5.85 billion euros, an increase of almost 12 percent. The profits increased by 18 percent from 1.02 billion euros to 1.2 billion euros.

Dec 31 '14 10:31

According to researcher Gerard Kerkhof, Dutch people sleep too little, especially young women. "We have a problem of epidemic proportions." he says. Poor sleepers have more chance of being overweight, have a shorter lifespan and poorer performance. Kerkhof's urgent advice is to stop using smartphones after 21:00 at night.

Nov 19 '14 08:06

According to Hema, the allegations that their new smartphones are imitations of the smartphones of Chinese manufacturer ZOPO, is "complete nonsense".

Nov 10 '14 13:50

According to Statistics Netherlands, Inflation rose in October to 1.1 percent. In September, the average annual price increase was 0.9 percent.

Aug 21 '14 13:49

Dutch Rail (NS) is working on a new app to improve client experiences with the Public Transport (OV) cards. With this app, people can check and load their card balance via a smartphone with Near Field Communication (NFC), reports.

May 21 '14 09:25

Doctors are warning that children can become overweight and unhappy from extreme screen viewing. Outside school children should be spending no more than two hours behind a screen.

Mar 7 '14 21:36

The home copyright tax should never have been frozen, ruled the High Council, affirming the previous ruling of the court in 2012. European legislation compels the Netherlands to allow for a fair compensation for illegal downloads of movies and music to copyright holders.

Mar 5 '14 12:52

More Dutch people read newspapers and magazines on their smartphones or tablets, according to the yearly Media Standard Survey.

On Phone
Mar 3 '14 13:48

An Amsterdam company is going to make special phone cases to protect against radiation from mobiles.

Feb 20 '14 08:54

Social media giant Facebook is set to buy cross-platform mobile messaging service WhatsApp for $16 billion, they announced Wednesday.

Feb 11 '14 11:17

A super-antenna has been developed in the Netherlands that is going to change the online world and deliver unto us a wifi Valhalla.

Nov 27 '13 12:32

A new study reveals that doctors’ smartphones can carry viruses and bacteria and are a source of hospital infections.

Oct 9 '13 04:20

The Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam (AMC) introduces a special navigation app so patients can find their way easier in the hospital The app can be installed on all smartphones.

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