'Super-antenna' set to revolutionize the mobile world

A super-antenna has been developed in the Netherlands that is going to change the online world and deliver unto us a wifi Valhalla. 

Soon, slow wifi and disruption between wireless devices will be a thing of the past. Smartphones will get better signal as well.

Billionaire Marcel Boekhoorn thinks he's struck the gold with  his Antenna Company, the business that is standing in the cradle of a new generation of antennas.

His right hand man, Roel Pieper, is in discussion with various multinationals about the integration of the antennas into mobiles, cars, routers and set top boxes. Implementations are also possible in airplanes, medical apparatuses, weapons and radar systems as well as devices such as thermostats which have to communicate with other devices.

The new 3D-optimized antenna could rake in billions of euros. "This super-antenna will become a worldwide success", the investor communicates via his spokesperson.

According to Boekhoorn, world players like HTC, LG and Samsung will become potential clients.

The Antenna Company, based in Curaçao, is in advanced stages of conversation with several of these technology giants. One in three smartphones come from Samsung. It doesn't take a lot of calculation to see what a deal with Samsung could mean.

With a license payment of 3 euros per device and 333 million sold telephones, 1 billion euros a year flows through the kitty of Boekhoorn and his associates. Cisco, "the plumber of the internet", who sells corporate routers for the connection of computer networks among other things, is also interested. The 'secret' behind the technology is a scientific super formula named after Professor Johan Giells.