More Dutch elderly know how to use the internet

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Dutch people over the age of 75 are increasingly using the internet, according to figures Statistics Netherlands released on Tuesday. Currently 60 percent of Dutch elderly have internet access at home, compared to slightly more than 40 percent four years ago.

This age group is also making increasing use of smartphones and tablets, in addition to PC's and laptops. In 2012 about 10 percent of over-75 year olds had a tablet and 5 percent had a smartphone, now 30 percent have these devices.

In the age group of 65- to 75-year-olds, the use of tablets and smartphones more than doubled between 2012 and 2016, from 28 percent to 60 percent for tablets and from 24 percent to 65 percent for smartphones. 

A massive 90 percent of over 75 year olds use email. Around 70 percent use the internet to research goods or services and for banking. And around 60 percent do their shopping online or search for information on health. 

Of all the people in the Netherlands, 94 percent have internet access at home and 92 percent use it.