Dutch chip maker ASML revenue leaps 12 pct.; record year

This past year was a record year for chip producer ASML. Last year the company's revenue rose from 5.25 billion euros to 5.85 billion euros, an increase of almost 12 percent. The profits increased by 18 percent from 1.02 billion euros to 1.2 billion euros.

The last quarter was a good one for ASML. Revenue rose 13 percent to 1.5 billion euros. "The sale of chip equipment rose sharply in the last quarter by growing demand from the market for memory chips for tablets and smartphones." said Board Chairman Peter Wennink.

ASML builds advanced machines for the production of chips used in tablets, smartphones and computers. The Veldhoven company is a world leader in the field and supplies almost all large companies that use these chips, such as Samsung and Intel. ASML employs more than 14 thousand people, half of then in the Netherlands.