hay fever

Hay fever
Jun 3 '19 14:20

Bad news for people suffering from hay fever. Weather service Buienradar expects a high pollen count throughout the Netherlands this week. On a scale from one to 10, the pollen count will be around six and seven throughout the week.

The worst hay fever day this week will be Friday, with most of the country having a pollen count of 7. Tuesday and Wednesday will also be bad, especially in the south, east and central parts of the country. The coastal regions can expect a lower pollen count at around level 4. 

Dec 15 '15 14:46

The unseasonably mild weather over the past few weeks prompted experts from Wageningen University and Leiden University Medical Center to issue a hay fever warning for Christmas. According to these experts, with the temperatures well above 10 degrees, many hazel and alder trees will already be blooming by Christmas, leading to sneezing and watery eyes for those allergic to pollen

Hay fever
May 27 '14 14:53

The Netherlands is overwhelmed by an "unprecedented" flood of hay fever cases, and allergists are working overtime, De Persdienst (The Press Service) reports.

Hay fever
May 19 '14 11:16

In the southern half of the country, hay fever sufferers may have to bear the irritating effects of their allergy in the coming days already, a month earlier than last year according to Allergieradar.nl.

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