fire department

Jun 21 '16 12:20

After more than a year of unmet demands for a better pension plan, firefighters across the Netherlands are planning labor actions. Negotiations fell apart to the point that employers no longer even show up for them, according to union FNV

Jun 16 '16 07:35

A massive fire raged in a residential shopping center on Kruisvoort in Breda during the early hours of Thursday morning. The fire caused large amounts of smoke. As far as is known, no one was injured.

Jun 10 '16 09:57

One person was critically injured in a large fire in a business complex in Alkmaar on Thursday. He was rushed to the hospital with serious burns, according to local safety office Veiligheidsregio Noord-Holland-Noord.

Car Fire
Jun 6 '16 10:24

A total of six cars went up in flames in Amsterdam-Noord over the weekend. The police believe that arson was involved in all cases

May 26 '16 09:41

Hydrochloric acid was released at the Coca-Cola factory in Dongen, Noord-Brabant on Wednesday night. The highly corrosive substance, which can cause burns and damage lungs if inhaled, escaped into the air due to a leak in the water chamber. The fire department quickly got the situation under control and no one was injured

May 20 '16 07:34

A home in Hellevoetsluis burnt out completely during the early hours of Friday morning. An couple in their eighties lived in the homes. The police fear that they fell victim to the fire.

May 19 '16 07:27

Prisoners were evacuated from a wing in the prison in Zwaag, Noord-Holland after a fire broke out in one of the cells during the early hours of Thursday morning. The prisoner staying in the cell where the fire started, was taken to the hospital with unknown injuries

May 17 '16 08:44

The government does not adequately protect its staff against aggression and violence, despite repeated warnings and fines, the Inspectorate for Social Affairs and Employments concludes in its report Government Services 2011-2015

 crime scene tape
May 11 '16 10:10

The police and customs raided cafe Marcelino in Vught as part as an investigation into illegal prostitution on Tuesday. Two suspects were arrested

May 9 '16 15:40

Between 15 and 20 cats were killed when a home in Zeist, Utrecht caught fire on Monday morning. The resident managed to escape the burning home, but could not save her pets, according to regional safety office Veiligheidsregio Utrecht.

May 9 '16 12:55

Residents of the Rivierenbuurt in Amsterdam were shocked awake on Monday morning when a hand grenade exploded on Oude IJselstraat around 4:15 a.m. Several parked cars were damaged, but no one was injured

May 6 '16 09:57

A deer led Utrecht firefighters on quite a chase through Leidsche Rijn on Thursday morning

May 4 '16 09:40

A large fire completely destroyed the Harbour Club Cafe in the Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam on Wednesday morning. Offices located around the cafe also sustained smoke damage.

Apr 25 '16 09:17

Shipping traffic in Grijpskerk, Groningen was brought to a standstill on Monday morning as divers search for a man that fell into the water. A helicopter was also deployed to help with the search.

Apr 20 '16 08:45

One man was killed when the van he was in crashed into a tree on the N709 near Biddinghuizen on Wednesday morning. The five other people in the van were injured, several of them seriously, according to the police.

Apr 18 '16 07:52

One person was seriously injured in IJmuiden on Monday morning when a fire in a gym spread over to an adjacent cafe. The rest of the about 30 people in the cafe were able to get out before being injured

Fire Truck
Apr 8 '16 08:21

A short but fierce fire in a Groningen home left one person injured on Thursday. Firefighters believe the fire was caused by an explosion and closed down the area around Friesestraatweg for several hours in case there was another one.

Apr 4 '16 12:00

Emergency services rushed to rescue a family after their car got stuck between two trucks in a collision on the A16 near Breda on Monday morning. The family, consisting of mother, father and two young children, were taken to the hospital. The extent of their injuries are unknown.

Mar 31 '16 07:22

The Rotterdam broadcasting tower that caught fire on Wednesday is back online, a spokesperson for owner Alticom announced shortly after midnight. All radio stations that use the tower and had problems broadcasting, should be back on the air by Thursday morning

Mar 30 '16 14:32

A fire broke out in a broadcast tower on Anthony Fokkerweg on the Waalhaven in Rotterdam. One worker is trapped in the tower. Several radio stations are having problems broadcasting due to the fire.

Mar 30 '16 10:42

A fire in an ice cream factory in Hengelo led to two apartment buildings being evacuated during the early hours of Wednesday morning. There is a serious suspicion that arson was involved, one employee of the factory said to newspaper Tubantia.

Mar 28 '16 16:20

A visitor to the Dolfijn bowling center in Tilburg managed to catch the start of a fire that eventually destroyed the entire complex on camera. The fire started around 11:00 p.m. on Friday night. By Saturday morning, only the front of the building was still standing.

Mar 21 '16 16:15

The police arrested a man on Sunday for setting fire to his home on Prins Bernhardlaan in Best while his two daughters were still inside. A neighbor managed to rescue the girls, aged 8 and 15 years, from the burning building in time.

Mar 9 '16 07:26

A large fire in Amersfoort had the emergency services working through the night. Firefighters are still working on extinguishing the fire. As far as is known, no one was hurt. No asbestos was released in the fire, according to safety office Veiligheidsregio Utrecht.