Four in ten Dutch live and work in same municipality

Nearly 40 percent of Dutch employees live and work in the same municipality, according to figures for 2015 Statistics Netherlands published on Thursday. The average Dutch worker work 22.6 kilometers from their home. Workers in the big cities and people living on the outskirts of the Netherlands, such as on the Wadden Islands, in particular tend to live where they work, reports. 

In 28 municipalities more than half of the workers don't have to commute outside their own municipality to go to work. But in almost two thirds of the municipalities, 70 percent of workers are employed outside of their hometown or -city. A massive 90 percent of Onderbanken residents work in another municipality.

In the municipalities of Amsterdam, Westland, Aaalsmeer, Amstelveen, Ouder-Amstel, Bunschoten and Edam-Volendam, workers on average live less than 15 kilometers from their work. But for residents of municipalities like Terschelling, Hulst, Vlissingen, De Marne, Sluis, Vaals, Eemsmond, Delfzijl and Dronten, the average commute is more than 35 kilometers. 

The majority of Dutch employees travel between 15 and 35 kilometers to get to work.