De Marne

Aug 10 '17 11:10

Nearly 40 percent of Dutch employees live and work in the same municipality, according to figures for 2015 Statistics Netherlands published on Thursday. The average Dutch worker work 22.6 kilometers from their home. Workers in the big cities and people living on the outskirts of the Netherlands, such as on the Wadden Islands, in particular tend to live where they work, reports. 

Apr 12 '16 12:25

The province of Groningen and 12 municipalities in the earthquake zone wants the government to cough up more money to deal with damages caused by gas-extraction earthquakes.

Jan 8 '16 12:01

The mayor of a Groningen town is calling for an investigation into practices at assisted living and care facility non-profit Keroazie following the apparent murder of Jesse van Wieren. One of the two suspects in the slaying, Desiree G., is a patient supervised by the group, according to RTV Noord.

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