Tricht murder
May 28 '18 08:19

Amsterdam is again the most unsafe municipality in the Netherlands, according to newspaper AD's crime meter for 2017. Common crime decreased across the Netherlands last year. The number of reported burglaries, theft, robberies and assaults fell by a total of 13 percent.

Aug 10 '17 11:10

Nearly 40 percent of Dutch employees live and work in the same municipality, according to figures for 2015 Statistics Netherlands published on Thursday. The average Dutch worker work 22.6 kilometers from their home. Workers in the big cities and people living on the outskirts of the Netherlands, such as on the Wadden Islands, in particular tend to live where they work, NU.nl reports. 

Ouder Amstel 2
Nov 25 '14 23:12

A man, overpowered by bystanders and arrested for shoplifting yesterday, became unwell whilst in police custody and subsequently passed away in hospital. The man was not doing well when police arrived at the scene, and had to be resuscitated after police led him into their detention van, a police report says.

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