No known injuries in Duivendrecht shooting incident

Police in the Amsterdam region said there were no known injuries in an apparent shooting that took place Monday afternoon. Investigators were still canvassing the scene about an hour after gunshots rang out in Duivendrecht, part of the Ouder-Amstel municipality in Noord-Holland.

The shooting was first reported to emergency services just after 3:20 p.m. on Monday, police said. Officers were dispatched quickly, as well as a trauma team in a helicopter and two ambulances.

The incident took place on the Industrieweg in Duivendrecht, just south of the A10 from the Betondorp neighborhood of Amsterdam Oost, west of Diemen-Zuid. It happpened at a car wash, according to broadcaster AT5.

Just last week police alerted the public to new developments in a fatal Oct. 1 shooting in Duivendrecht, where 34-year-old Seif Ahmed was initially found dying from a gunshot wound while sitting in a car on the Buitensingel. Authorities revealed that the victim's child, a toddler, was in the car with him.

Police had initially thought the hairdresser, from Amsterdam West, took his own life. However, authorities last week said it was more likely a crime took place.