Toddler in car when father was shot dead in Duivendrecht

Seif Ahmed
Seif AhmedPhoto: Politie

A man found dying of a gunshot wound in a car on Buitensingel in Amsterdam-Duivendrecht on October 1st, had a toddler in the car with him, the police announced on Thursday. The toddler was the victim's child and was unharmed in the shooting that killed the father, 34-year-old Seif Ahmed.

Ahmed was found motionless in the car at around 5:15 p.m. on October 1st. First responders discovered he had a gunshot wound. They tried to resuscitate him, but it was to no avail. He died at the scene.

On the backseat of the car, emergency responders found the child. "Fortunately the toddler was unharmed", the police said. They quickly identified the toddler as Ahmed's child and transferred the child to the mother. 

The police initially thought Ahmed had taken his own life, and therefore held back details of the scene, such as the presence of the child. "During the investigation, however, that scenario became less and less likely", the police said. Investigators now believe Ahmed was killed in a crime. They call on witnesses or anyone with information that can help in this case to come forward.

Seif Ahmed originally came from Egypt, but had been living in Amsterdam for years. He worked as a hairdresser in Amsterdam West. He had no criminal record.