Arjen Kamphuis
Sep 14 '18 11:00

Missing Dutch man Arjen Kamphuis was in Vikeså in the south of Norway with two other people on August 30th, a witness said to Norwegian newspaper VG. That is 10 days after , and the same day his phone was turned on in the area for a brief time, NOS reports.

According to the witness, there was a good atmosphere and Kamphuis spoke Dutch and German with his two companions. They didn't have backpacks with them.

Nov 15 '17 09:43

A witness set to testify against Dutch criminal kingpin , was killed in a bizarre accident in Eastern Europe on Sunday. According to AT5, Hidr Korkmaz was electrocuted while fishing - his line hit an electricity pole when he cast it.

The Public Prosecutor in Amsterdam confirmed Korkmaz's death to the broadcaster. "The local government assumes a tragic accident. We do not doubt that, but we can not confirm it", a spokesperson said to AT5. 

Dec 12 '16 08:17

A 27-year-old British man was arrested in connection with the. The man was near Kok when he was gunned down in te parking lot of sex club Boccaccio in Laren on Thursday, according to AD.

Oct 24 '16 15:00

A man was stabbed in the head in the parking lot of indoor playground Piratenland in Gorinchem on Saturday. At least one child witnessed the stabbing, AD reports.

The man was taken to a hospital by ambulance. He was conscious and not in mortal danger, according to the police.

The stabbing happened around 4:00 p.m. in a parking lot on Kleine Schelluinsekade. A woman and her husband, a 48-year-old man from Arnhem, got into an altercation with her ex. At some point the ex pulled a knife and stabbed the husband. The ex was arrested. 

Jul 25 '16 15:30

The man arrested for stabbing another man to death on Jacob van Lennepstraat in Amsterdam on Monday morning, seemed to be mentally disturbed, a local resident who spoke to the man said to AT5.

Police sign
Apr 20 '15 17:04

A 78-year old woman was attacked and injured on Herenmarkt in Amsterdam on Sunday evening, police say. Witnesses say the man kicked her hard, breaking her leg, after the woman told him off, according to authorities.

Wormer houseboat explosion
Apr 14 '15 16:04

The houseboat explosion that left a 53-year old man dead and a 51-year old woman seriously injured on Monday was possibly an intentional attack, according to newswire ANP. The two likely lived on the boat, located in Wormer, Noord-Holland police said in a statement.

Mar 20 '15 12:55

There is a new witness who claims that Willem Holleeder, best known as one of the Heineken-kidnappers, is involved with assassinations in the underworld, the Public Prosecutor in Amsterdam said in an interview with EenVandaag.

Wallabies at Yorkshire Wildlife Park
Mar 18 '15 17:09

Alert witnesses witnessed an unusual event as eight kangaroos were stolen from a meadow on Bentheimerstraat in De Lutte on Tuesday. With the quick call and description from the witnesses, police managed to stop the fleeing car shortly after the theft on Lasondersingel in Enschede.

Mar 6 '15 17:20

Police arrested two men suspected of robbing a cheese shop on Utrechtsestraat in Amsterdam early Friday morning. A witness tipped police off to the suspects' car, but when the cops closed in the driver took off at high speed, a police report states.

Feb 16 '15 16:39

A 27-year old man shot and injured in an incident in Terneuzen, Zeeland will likely not be able to walk again, police said on Monday. The shooting took place on December 16th last year, and at least one gunman is still at large.

Feb 4 '15 10:31

The Amsterdam defense attorney Nico Meijrering has to appear in the Amsterdam District Court today as a witness in four execution cases. The Public Prosecutor in Amsterdam summoned him. Meijring, who lost several clients to executions recently, has already announced that he has nothing to say.

Jan 16 '15 13:36

Investigators have talked to the man wanted in connection with the case of a baby found in an Amsterdam underground dumpster last October. Police released a composite sketch of the man late last year as their investigation ran cold

No image available
Jan 9 '14 15:13

A VVD City Council Member of Wijk bij Duurstede in Utrecht may end up in discredit over his alleged role in a weed plantation in the city

Nov 12 '13 05:02

Three British men suspected of kidnapping Dutch press photographer Jeroen Oerlemans in Syria, go free. The prosecutor announced before a London court that Oerlemans and a second victim of the kidnapping could not act as witnesses

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