British man arrested in crime writer's murder

Arrest (Photo: Politie). (Arrest (Photo: Politie))

A 27-year-old British man was arrested in connection with the assassination of crime blogger Martin Kok. The man was near Kok when he was gunned down in te parking lot of sex club Boccaccio in Laren on Thursday, according to AD.

According to the police, the arrested man was not the shooter, but he is suspected of involvement in the assassination. What exact role he is suspected of is unclear. The police consider him an important witness, according to the newspaper.

The 51-year-old criminal-turned-crime-writer was sitting in a car with his 80-year-old father when he was shot and killed. The motive of his murder is unclear, but it may be related to his work on his site - where he made few friends writing about about many criminals and criminal cases, including crime boss Willem Holleeder. 

Last year Kok's home and car were targeted in shootings. At the time he believed it was in retaliation for photos of Willem Holleeder he posted on his site. will likely continue to exist. "Behind the scenes we are working on a relaunch of the website in a manner in which his son will have the most benefit", can be read on the site. "