Kangaroo thief hopped on, arrested

Wallabies at Yorkshire Wildlife Park
Wallabies at Yorkshire Wildlife Park (Photo: Flickr/stevepj2009). (Wallabies at Yorkshire Wildlife Park (Photo: Flickr/stevepj2009))

Alert witnesses spotted an unusual event as eight kangaroos were stolen from a meadow on Bentheimerstraat in De Lutte on Tuesday, police report. Thanks to a quick call and description from the witnesses, police were able to stop the alleged thief, apprehended in his car on Lasondersingel in Enschede. 

At approximately 11 p.m., odd noise coming from the meadow brought one of the witnesses to the scene, police report. On arrival, the witness saw someone running away. Shortly after, another witness spotted what may have been the thief's getaway car and managed to take photos of it, which allowed police to focus on finding a specific vehicle from the nearby area.

Officers patrolling Enschede saw a car matching the description and apprehended its 38-year-old driver from Winterswijk. Further investigation will determine whether the driver was involved with the theft.

No animals were injured, as all the kangaroos were freed from the boxes in which they had been held.

Although the police report refers to the stolen animals as kangaroos, a police spokesperson told NL Times that they may in fact be wallabies, a smaller macropod related to the kangaroo.