Cheese shop burglary leads to car chase, canal race

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Police arrested two men suspected of robbing a cheese shop on Utrechtsestraat in Amsterdam early Friday morning. A witness tipped police off to the suspects' car, but when the cops closed in the driver took off at high speed, a police report states. 

The witness contacted police after spotting the suspects taking a green wheelie-bin from in front of the store. Officers arrived on scene, and quickly found the suspects sitting in their car at the immediate vicinity of the crime scene, police say. After discovering the driver, with the alleged accomplice hiding under a blanket, the driver fled the scene forcing police to give chase.

At one point during the chase, the accomplice jumped out of the passenger side and dove into the waters of the Bilderdijkgracht. He was fished out and taken into custody.

Meanwhile, the driver continued on until he was finally caught on Vondelstraat.

When police recovered the garbage container, they found the cheese shop's safe inside, the report reads.

The investigation is still ongoing.