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Rotterdam The Hague Airport
Nov 18 '16 08:28

On Thursday night the police arrested a 45-year-old mentally disturbed man in the investigation into a terrorism threat made against Rotterdam The Hague Airport in Rotterdam on Thursday morning. According to the police, the suspect is an undocumented migrant with a history of making false reports, NU.nl reports

Rotterdam The Hague Airport
Nov 17 '16 13:37

An terrorism investigation is underway at Rotterdam The Hague airport in Rotterdam. The roads around the airport was closed around 12:30 p.m. on Thursday and extra checks are being carried out, according to broadcaster NOS.

It is unclear what exactly is going on. But according to the broadcaster, there is a major investigation underway at the airport.


Sep 8 '16 13:15

Theme park Efteling released a statement saying that they "are always alert to abnormal or aberrant" issues around the park. This statement follows reports that the theme park was named as the possible target of a terrorist attack in June. At this stage there is no reason for concern, according to the park.

Aug 26 '16 12:30

KLM ground crew will not be allowed to strike at Schiphol airport until September 5th, the Amsterdam court ruled on Friday in the appeal filed by union FNV. The court therefore upholds the strike ban implemented by the Haarlem court two weeks ago

Aug 23 '16 08:51

Union FNV has a good chance of winning the appeal against a court ruling that banned any strikes by KLM ground crew at Schiphol until September 4th, Barend Barentsen, professor of Labor Law at the University of Leiden, said to BNR.

Aug 18 '16 12:23

The extra security measures in place in and around Schiphol airport will be reduced in part during the course of Thursday night, the Haarlemmermeer triangle of municipality, police and judiciary decided after consultation with the National Coordinator for Counterterrorism and Security

Aug 16 '16 16:00

Security is being strengthened at Schiphol airport with extra Koninklijke Marechaussee officers, but the security levels will only reached desired strength in mid 2017, a spokesperson for the Marechaussee - a policing force that works as a branch of the Dutch military and is responsible for airport security - said to the Financieele Dagblad. Until that time, soldiers will help out.

Aug 1 '16 12:35

Extra security measures implemented around Schiphol airport over the weekend will remain in place for the time being. The extra measures were implemented on Saturday after the authorities received a "signal" about a specific terrorist threat

Jul 27 '16 14:50

Like for many of its competitors, the second quarter was somewhat hard on Air France-KLM. The French-Dutch airline saw its turnover drop by 5 percent, though still managed to get a profit below the line. Continuing strong competition and the threat of terrorism was the main pressure points for the airline group's income, they group announced on Wednesday

Jul 27 '16 12:20

Americans and Japanese tourists are avoiding Amsterdam due to the threat of terrorism in Europe, according to NBTC, Amsterdam Marketing and various hotels in the Dutch capital

Jul 11 '16 13:29

The terrorism threat level in the Netherlands remains unchanged, according to the National Coordinator for Terrorism and Security Dick Schoof in his periodic Terrorist Threat Assessment Netherlands. There is still a "real" chance of a terrorist attack in the Netherlands, but no concrete evidence that an attack is planned

Police sign
May 18 '16 16:15

The National Police's budget had a "worrisome" deficit of a massive 72 million euros in 2015, according to the police's annual report

Nov 18 '15 09:48

Oranje is back in the Netherlands after the cancelled match against Germany on Tuesday. The match was canceled and stadium evacuated just before the start of the match due to a terrorist threat. KNVB director Bert van Oostveen calls it "extremely regrettable" that the match could not be played. "We wanted to make a statement against terrorism and for freedom. Unfortunately that did not work", he said on Tuesday night

Feb 5 '15 09:34

The government will deploy more marechaussees (military police) because of the increasing terrorism threat, RTL Nieuws reports. This is according to a government letter that will appear today

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