Farmers and tractors on Dam Square in Amsterdam, 13 December 2019
Dec 13 '19 14:40

Farmers with 28 tractors gathered on Dam Square and Rokin in Amsterdam on Friday to protest against the government's nitrogen policy. They brought food with them for brunch and invited Amsterdam residents to come eat with them, specifically, Dutch-made food "with a low environmental impact."

"Farmer and citizen can talk to each other or enjoy a tasty egg or a hamburger sandwich", action group Argactie said on its website. "We want to use this day to find a connection between farmer and citizen." The protest action will officially last from noon until 4:00 p.m. 

Car accident on Rokin in Amsterdam, 27 Dec 2017
Dec 27 '17 12:30

"A 20-year-old motorist from Wijchen apparently still had a Christmas angel on his shoulder on Wednesday morning", the police wrote about an accident on Amsterdam's Rokin which strongly resembles something out of the Final Destination movies. The young man crashed his car into a metal road separator. A metal pole shot through his windshield, missing him"by a hair", the police said in a statement.

Donuts at Jamin on the Rokin in Amsterdam, 20 Nov 2017
Nov 20 '17 13:10

A ginger cat was caught taste-testing donuts in a Jamin store on the Rokin in Amsterdam on Saturday night. VVD city councilor Tjakko Dijk noticed the remarkable display as he walked by, recorded it and posted a video on Twitter.

The video shows the self satisfied cat going to town on a pink donut. Dijk wondered what the Dutch food safety authority NVWA would say about that.

Hudson's Bay opens on the Rokin in Amsterdam, 5 Sept 2017
Sep 5 '17 14:20

After a few delays, the Netherlands first Hudson's Bay opened its doors on the Rokin in Amsterdam on Tuesday morning. A significant crowd gathered in front of the store for the opening at 10:00 a.m., most lured by the promise of free goodie bags, Het Parool reports.

Amsterdam Tulp Festival: Tulips everywhere
Mar 30 '17 20:00

The third edition of the Amsterdam Tulp Festival was officially opened on Thursday. For this edition of the festival, which will run from April 1st to May 14th, a massive 500 thousand tulip bulbs were planted across the city. During the opening, the new Paleiskwartier association was introduced, with the group made up of organizations along the major Amsterdam streets of Damrak, Rokin, Kalverstraat and Nieuewndijk as well as Dam Square.

Apr 1 '16 13:02

The Canadian owner of luxury department store Saks Fifth Avenue is negotiating opening a branch on the Rokin in Amsterdam. This means that the plans for a private luxury department store in the building, The Haussmann, are definitely off the table, Haussmann director Louis Bianchi said to Het Parool.

no image
Mar 3 '16 15:00

There is much uncertainty surrounding whether or not Amsterdam luxury department store Haussmann will actually go through. Retail News reports that the project is cancelled and all employees were removed from working on it. A spokesperson for the company told NRC that they are currently looking at how to continue.

Jan 29 '15 10:21

Passersby on the Rokin in Amsterdam should not be alarmed if they hear large bangs from underground. Dynamite is being used to demolish support walls in the construction of the Noord/Zuidlijn.

Rokin fire
Sep 18 '14 16:47

A fire that started in the third floor of a home in Amsterdam Centrum led to the evacuation of several neighboring buildings, including the Madame Tussauds wax museum on Dam Square. The fire was reported just before 2 p.m. on Thursday, and was not extinguished for nearly an hour.

Photo: Service Metro Municipality of Amsterdam
Aug 29 '14 13:12

The Amsterdam public transit authority, GVB, has released new video footage of the still under construction Noord-Zuid underground metro line. Although still incomplete, a camera-mounted drone has captured footage of the route, giving people an insider's look at the over €3 billion project.

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