polling station

Dutch voter in Amsterdam at 2017 Netherlands parliamentary election
Jun 20 '17 08:56

The counting of votes in Dutch elections must be better checked and there must be more transparency into the process, Minister Ronald Plasterk of Home Affairs concluded after evaluating the , ANP reports.

Mar 15 '17 14:55

The Amsterdam municipality visited a polling station at a Turkish mosque in the Dutch capital after the mosque was accused of pressuring voters with posters of what is believed to be a religious movement controlled and paid by the Turkish government, RTL Nieuws reports. 

Polling stations must be politically neutral, so that voters' decisions aren't influenced. The municipality is having the text on the poster translated to see whether it breaks the rules. 

Mar 19 '14 17:26

A man in a niqab, a garment that only shows the eyes, tried to cast a vote, posing as a woman, in Amsterdam West in De Boomgaard elementary school. He presented a voting pass and a passport, belonging to a young woman, confirmed a spokesperson for the City.