police fire shots

2008 BMW M3 E92 in Dutch police livery
Aug 23 '16 07:47

Police officers in Helmond fired shots while trying to get a stolen delivery van off the road during the early hours of Tuesday morning, the Eindhoven police said on Twitter. The occupants of the van got away.

Aug 10 '16 13:20

Police officers fired several shots near Spijkenisse subway station on Tuesday while arrested a man waving a butcher knife about and shouting. The suspect was hit in the leg. No one else was injured, the police said in a statement.

May 31 '16 07:49

Police in the Netherlands used force over 10 thousand times last year, about the same number as in the previous few years, according to figures the police released on Monday

May 30 '16 10:18

The police shot a 47-year-old man from Ridderkerk while responding to reports of a loud argument in a home on Veenwortelvaart in Zoetermeer during the early hours of Sunday morning.

Mar 14 '16 07:47

The police shot a 41 year old man on the street in Eindhoven on Saturday afternoon. The suspect, Rupert L., was rushed to the hospital in serious condition. According to police union ANPV, the officer acted in self-defense.

Police sign
Feb 29 '16 10:31

The police arrested three suspects, including a 29-year-old Portuguese man, in connection with a shootout on Cronesteinstraat in Rotterdam during the early hours of Saturday morning. Dozens of shots were fired, but as far as is known, no one was injured. Several cars were hit and damaged.

Feb 29 '16 10:13

An aggressive man was arrested in Etten-Leur during the early hours of Sunday morning. He tried to stab a cafe employee and then tried to force his way into the locked cafe with a big knife and a taser. The police fired two warning shots during the arrest.

Police sign
Feb 18 '16 10:59

An undercover police operation in Schiedam ended in a shooting on Wednesday afternoon. One of the suspects were injured, according to the police.

Nov 25 '15 09:02

The police fire shots in three separate arrests over the past seven days in Elsendorp, Rotterdam and Oldenzaal. Suspects were wounded in two of these arrests. The Rijksrecherche, the police department that handles internal investigations, is investigating all three shootings, as is customary whenever the police fire their weapons.

Nov 12 '15 12:20

A suspect was hit by a police bullet after he and two others broke into a car in Amsterdam on Wednesday night. All three suspects were arrested.

Sep 17 '15 14:57

The police fired shots at an unspecified number of fleeing suspects after a break in at a supermarket in Nieuwegein during the early hours of Thursday morning.

No image available
Aug 10 '15 08:46

The police fired shots in three separate incidents in Rotterdam-Zuid, Vlaardingen and Zeist during the early hours of Monday morning. One suspect was injured in the leg and taken to the hospital.

Police sign
Aug 7 '15 10:41

A police officer fired shots while chasing an armed suspect through the streets of Rotterdam on Friday last week, hitting not only the suspect, but also 31 year old Rotterdam man Jurjen Adamson, an innocent bystander. 

Apr 20 '15 09:03

A 24 year old Romanian man was wounded when he was shot by a police officer in a house on Van Bleiswijkstraat, The Hague at around 15:30 on Sunday afternoon.

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