Warning shots fired as man with taser tries to stab cafe worker

An aggressive man was arrested in Etten-Leur during the early hours of Sunday morning. He tried to stab a cafe employee and then tried to force his way into the locked cafe with a big knife and a taser. The police fired two warning shots during the arrest.

According to the police, the incident happened around 2:00 a.m. on Sunday in a cafe on Raadhuisplein. The control room received a number of panic calls from people in the cafe.

The suspect tried to stab an employee of the cafe, after the employee told him to leave earlier during the night. This was because the man knocked several chairs over on the cafe's terrace. The man came back with a knife and tried to stab the employee, who managed to fight him off with an advertisement board.

The employee rushed into the cafe and locked himself and several customers and other employees in. The suspect stood at the door, holding his taser and knife, and tried to stab through the window. The people inside also saw him run up behind passersby and make stabbing motions.

Several police units were dispatched to the scene. When the first unit arrived, the man immediately attacked them, stabbing his knife through a back window of a police car. Police officers surrounded the man and told him to put his weapons down. He refused, throwing the knife at a police dog and rushing the cops with the taser.

Two officers fired warning shots, almost simultaneously. The man suddenly seemed tor realize his situation. He put the taser down and lay down on his stomach. The 22 year old man was arrested and taken to the police station. He was covered in blood - he hurt himself with the knife.

The cafe employee pressed charges against the man. The police are investigating.