Police fire shots, wounding two, in three separate arrests over seven days

The police fire shots in three separate arrests over the past seven days in Elsendorp, Rotterdam and Oldenzaal. Suspects were wounded in two of these arrests. The Rijksrecherche, the police department that handles internal investigations, is investigating all three shootings, as is customary whenever the police fire their weapons.

During the early hours of Wednesday morning the police fired shots while chasing a stolen vehicle on Dr. de Quayweg in Elsdendorp. The suspect in the stolen car, a 43 year old man from Helmond, crashed into a police van and was arrested. No one was wounded.

An officer also fired a shot in Rotterdam on Monday night while the police were arresting five suspects. One of the suspects was wounded. The arrests were made in a home on Zwart Janstraat around 9:45 p.m. after the police responded to a report of a man threatening a woman with a firearm. A firearm was found in the area.

A member of a SWAT team shot and wounded a 38 year old man from Overdinkel on Betrixstraat in Oldenzaal on Wednesday, November 18th. The man was arrested in the hospital. This arrest was made as part of a joint investigation by Germany and the Netherlands into narcotics, according to the Public Prosecutor. Three other suspects, two men aged 33 and 57 years old and a 64 year old women, were also arrested in Enschede that same day. The police searched homes in Enschede and Overdinkel and found and confiscated weapons, narcotics, cash and equipment for processing synthetic drugs.