Police fire shots following supermarket heist; suspects escape

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The police fired shots at an unspecified number of fleeing suspects after a break in at a supermarket in Nieuwegein during the early hours of Thursday morning.

According to the police, officers responded to a report of a burglary at a supermarket on Hoogzandveld around 3:10 a.m. on Thursday morning. When they arrived at the scene a car came speeding towards them at high speed. One of the officers drew his pistol and fired at the car. The suspects managed to escape.

The suspects broke into the store by driving a dark-colored car through the facade of the property. The car was abandoned in the store. The other car, which the police believe was used as a getaway car, sped away in the direction of highway A2.

A police helicopter was deployed to look for the getaway car, but with no success. It is unclear whether the suspects stole anything from the store. It is also unclear whether any of the suspects were injured when the officer fired at them. The police are investigating.