A police officer in Peru
Aug 22 '18 16:40

A man from the Netherlands was shot and killed in a suburb of Lima, the capital of Peru. The municipality of Miraflores - the rich suburb where the shooting happened - said that the murder was a settlement, ANP reports.

The shooting happened when the victim arrived at his home in Miraflores. Two people rode by on a motorcycle, and the passenger opened fire on the Dutch man before they drove off. He was hit three times in the head. 

Machu Picchu
Mar 15 '18 07:52

A 26-year-old Dutch man was one of three tourists removed from the Incan citadel Machu Picchu in Peru on Tuesday because they dropped their pants and took photos of their bare backsides, AFP reports. 

The other two tourists are a 21-year-old German and a 24-year-old from Switzerland. "The three tourists dropped their pants to show their buttocks and took photos", a police spokesperson said to the news wire. They were removed from the ancient site, but not arrested.

The Peruvian authorities banned nudeness at the citadel, because they consider it disrespectful. 

Joran van der Sloot (Source: Twitter/@DownsAndOut)
Mar 17 '16 08:29

Joran van der Sloot confessed to killing Natalee Holloway in a video recorded with hidden cameras by American news sites Radar Online and The National Enquirer

Feb 18 '15 19:20

Investigators in Aruba are looking into newly-revealed claims that American teenager Natalee Holloway was seen with Joran van der Sloot at a Marriott hotel construction site the night she went missing. The former public prosecutor there had previously written off the lead, suggesting it was not credible enough to warrant use of the island's resources.

Dec 11 '14 10:15

Greenpeace has issued an official apology for placing a banner next to a figure of a humming bird at the ancient Nazca lines in Peru. The publicity stunt was meant to increase pressure on UN negotiators currently meeting in the Climate Summit in Lima, BBC News reports.

Dec 5 '14 10:52

Not only countries, but also cities and companies should join in global climate negotiations. With that approach State Secretary Wilma Mansveld of Infrastructure and Environment is traveling to Peru next week, where the UN climate conference will be held.

Nov 13 '14 12:45

The Netherlands is paying 100 million euros into the global Green Climate Fund. The money from this fund is to help poor countries tackle the impacts of climate change.

Joran van der Sloot (Source: Twitter/@DownsAndOut)
Nov 4 '14 08:29

Joran van der Sloot was stabbed in the Challapalca prison in Peru. According to the Vice President of the Institute for Penitentiary Institutions (INPE) in Peru, it seems that he stabbed himself.

Joran van der Sloot (Source: Twitter/@DownsAndOut)
Sep 29 '14 13:26

Joran van der Sloot's (27) wife Leidy (25) gave birth to a little girl named Dushi Trudie.

It was a difficult delivery, but both mother and daughter are doing well, De Telegraaf reports. On Monday van der Sloot was not yet aware of the baby news, according to RTL.

Leidy chose the name Dushi, which means "sweet" in Papiamento. Van der Sloot chose the girl's second name, Trudie, after his grandmother.

Sep 17 '14 13:54

Joran van der Sloot, convicted of the murder of Peruvian Stephany Flores in 2010, has married his pregnant girlfriend from a Peruvian prison. The private ceremony took place at the maximum security prison facility in Lima.

Joran van der Sloot (Source: Twitter/@DownsAndOut)
Aug 26 '14 14:02

Joran van der Sloot has gone on a hunger strike because of his transfer to another prison in Peru. Guards found a mobile phone in his possession.

Feb 25 '14 04:33

Leidy Figueroa, the girlfriend of Joran van der Sloot, who is serving a 28-year prison sentence in Peru, is pregnant with twins, confirmed Van der Sloot's lawyer, Máximo Altez, Sunday, after initially denying she was pregnant.

Jan 8 '14 04:34

The Royal Military Police is investigating a 31-year-old Peruvian man, who was arrested Friday at Schiphol, on suspicion of drug trafficking.

Nov 8 '13 15:31

The Dutchman Joran van der Sloot, imprisoned in Peru, is challenging his deportation from Chile. The issue will be addressed by the Inter-American Court of Human Rights on November 18, reported his Peruvian lawyer in the United States, Aldo Cotrina, Friday in an interview with the Peruvian TV channel ATV +.

Jul 15 '13 08:54

Mark de Rond of the Netherlands and Anton of Britain will row the Amazon for six weeks in September.

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