Hart van Nederland

Sep 9 '16 14:00

Minister Ard van der Steur of Security and Justice strongly disapproves of an incident in which a group of Turkish young people threatened a Hart van Nederland reporter and camera man in Zaandam. But he also feels that the situation should not be exaggerated

An area cordoned off by police
Sep 9 '16 09:35

A camera man and reporter for SBS6 program Hart van Nederland was threatened by a group of Turkish youths in the Zaandam neighborhood of Poelenburg on Thursday. The news team was working on a story about nuisance and harassment at a nearby shopping center when the young men confronted them

new police uniform 1
Jul 9 '16 18:05

A firework bomb was thrown at a SBS6 cameraman and a Hart van Nederland reporter in Amsterdam on Saturday morning.

Sep 9 '14 15:52

The Public Prosecutor offered a 15 thousand euro reward for information leading to a breakthrough in the murder case in Zwolle.

Swimming pool
Mar 13 '14 08:07

A 28-year old man was apprehended on Monday for the sexual abuse of three boys between five and six years of age.

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