Dec 1 '14 09:21

The ingenious new bank cars that allow contact-less payment, are only safe against criminals in a metal case or wrapped in aluminum foil.

Nov 21 '14 12:05

The Amsterdam notary office Van Ligten & Van Ligten is filing a lawsuit against Minister Ivo Opstelten of Security and Justice. This lawsuit is filed because important information is being witheld around the massive fraud at Amsterdam notary Blijleven.

Nov 20 '14 11:41

Randstad and Adecco, two of the largest Dutch temporary employment agencies, violate the privacy laws of their workers at different points.

Nov 6 '14 12:33

Justice along with the tax investigation service FIOD raided the media company of Peter Jan Rens in the Stompetoren, North Holland. Three men were arrested, Rens is not among them.

Nov 4 '14 10:50

According to a police report, the police are on the track of a new form of passport fraud by Eastern Europeans.

Oct 30 '14 12:48

The Public Prosecutor has confirmed that Justice has offered not to prosecute the wife of Hubert Mollenkamp, the "Maserati director" of housing corporation Rochdale who is suspected of corruption, in exchange for a quarter of a million euro.

Oct 30 '14 08:56

Henk Krol from Eindhoven is lying about the way he used subsidies.

Oct 23 '14 09:19

The Public Prosecutor has initiated an investigation into possible fraud ad price fixing among companies in the automation industry.

Oct 22 '14 10:52

The Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) is restarting their program to train financial forensic experts.

Oct 20 '14 09:02

The rules regulating companies that remove asbestos are insufficient.

Oct 16 '14 16:44

The FIOD arrested 6 people on Wednesday in an investigation into the abuse of DigiD accounts.

Stock image of a handcuffed woman
Oct 7 '14 13:10

The police arrested a 62 year old driving examiner of the CBR on Friday October 3rd on suspicion of large scale fraud on driving tests.

Oct 6 '14 13:52

In past years customers of Nuon have been paying tens of millions of dollars too much for the product Natuurstroom. Nuon denies this.

Stock image of a handcuffed woman
Sep 30 '14 13:40

On Tuesday morning September 30th, investigators from the Office of Financial and Economic Investigation and the Amsterdam police arrested two men and one woman (between the ages of 40 and 44 years) on suspicion of fraud. The three suspects are the owners of a hotel business in Amsterdam.

Sep 26 '14 10:43

In Utrecht, the Public Prosecution Authority announced yesterday that it will indict the treasurer of homeless newspaper Straatnieuws (Street News) for fraud. Former PvdA council member Bert van der Roest reportedly stole €45,000 from the paper during his time as treasurer, the NRC reports.

Credit cards (Source: Wikimedia/Sprinno)
Sep 24 '14 15:06

Fraud in the payment system decreased by 34 percent in the past six months, compared to the second half of last year. The total damage during the first half of 2014 amounted to about 9.5 million euro.

Sep 23 '14 16:30

Jordan Belfort, the fraudulent stockbroker, whose life was immortalized in the movie Wolf of Wall Street, will give two presentations about his life at the RAI in Amsterdam on November 19th.

no image
Sep 19 '14 08:26

The Netherlands treasury believes that €60 million has disappeared due to mistakes and fraud in childcare subsidies. These mistakes have cost €443 million, BN De Stem writes.

no image
Sep 16 '14 09:12

In Bergen op Zoom, a 35-year-old employee of ING has confessed to aiding a fraud action that stole an estimated €1.5 million from several clients, the NOS reports.

Sep 11 '14 12:04

The European Commission has expressed doubts over the justification for some requests for compensation to farmers for subsidies for perishable fruits and vegetables. The EU hereby postpones the allocation of these subsidies on the basis of dubious claims, Z24 reports.

Sep 8 '14 13:17

A boy was sentenced to time in prison this week because he arranged a free flight in a private jet, using lies and fraud.

Adio Opeyemi Michael
Sep 8 '14 11:38

A 72-year-old Dutch woman has been conned out of around €200,000 by a 31-year-old Nigerian man who preyed on the woman's search for love on the internet, the Algemeen Dagblad reports.

financial-fraud (Source:
Aug 21 '14 13:38

Dutch society loses about €30 billion annually to fraudsters, including scams such as insurance fraud and swindling with benefits. The guilty parties are rarely caught, according to daily newspaper Metro.

Hoofdingang_Beverwijkse_Bazaar (Source: Wikimedia)
Aug 20 '14 16:57

Eight major brand names have filed a lawsuit against De Bazaar in Beverwijk for facilitating trade in counterfeit goods. These brands include Armani, Beats by Dr. Dre, Björn Borg, Chanel, and True Religion.


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