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Apr 14 '20 19:20

Supermarket chain Jumbo donated hundreds of thousands of products to food banks in the Netherlands, as well as a gift for each of the food banks' around 12 thousand volunteers, Food Banks Netherlands announced on Tuesday. 

"It is heartwarming to see Jumbo make an extra donation during this difficult time," said Leo Wijnbelt, chairman of Food Banks Netherlands said. "We are more than happy with this massive donation. It is fantastic to have such a collaboration partner, who has an eye for society and the most vulnerable people in it."

Food bank
Mar 3 '20 10:30

Getting packages of food from a food bank is intended to be an emergency aid measure, but more and more people in the Netherlands need this help long-term. Last year 13 thousand people received food from food banks for longer than three years. That is 15 percent of the total customer base. Five years ago, only 5 percent were dependent on food bank packages for more than three years, NOS reports.

Volunteers sorting food bank donations
Aug 21 '19 07:39

The number of Dutch families getting aid from food banks increased by 8 percent in the first half of 2019, compared to the same period last year, food banks association Voedselbanken Nederland announced. The number of children being fed by food banks increased by nearly 7 percent, NOS reports.

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Jan 5 '17 13:50

Employees of a food bank in Huizen found a kilogram of cocaine hidden among bananas they were preparing to distribute. The fruit came from a fundraiser held by regional broadcaster NH, ANP reports.

The cocaine was found on Tuesday, according to the police. Investigators are looking into where it came from. 

According to broadcaster NH, the cocaine came from a container in which 1,800 kilos of cocaine was found in the port of Antwerp early in December. The container came from South America. 

No Surrender
Dec 11 '15 12:35

A member of motorcycle club No Surrender was arrested on Thursday evening on his way to deliver Christmas trees to the food bank in Vlaardingen. In addition to the Christmas trees, the 43-year-old man was also in the possession of 37 packets of hard drugs and ecstasy pills.

Dec 1 '15 14:55

Burglars broke into the food bank Goed Ontmoet in Bergen op Zoom over the weekend and managed to get away with between 500 and 600 euros worth of Christmas stocking stuffers.

Voedselbanken Unilever
Mar 11 '15 16:41

Food banks affiliated with national organization Voedselbanken provided food to 94,000 people in 2014, an 11 percent rise over the previous year. The number of affiliates grew to 157, with 10,000 people volunteering to assist in collecting and distributing food.

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Dec 5 '14 14:38

Police are on the lookout for a burglar accused of breaking into a food bank and stealing gifts meant for children from low-income families. The incident happened overnight in Dodewaard, Gelderland at a facility run by the Kinderen van de Voedselbank, a charity that supports children with clothes, shoes, day trips to the zoo and presents on birthdays.

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Sep 3 '14 08:25

A family in Spijkenisse has been blacklisted by the Food Bank for helping out people whose needs were larger than its own.

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Mar 31 '14 10:32

There is too much demand at the animal food banks in The Netherlands. The foundation Collection Bank Animals Netherlands told Metro that the number of people paying weekly visits to the animal food bank has doubled in the last three months.

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Dec 23 '13 04:33

The variant of the "Glass House," set up in Drenthe has been abruptly aborted, after de three DJ's became ill, presumably due to problems with the air filtering.

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Nov 30 '13 04:18

The round-up of some of this week’s most noteworthy events and news stories
features the unfortunate fall of an Ajax fan, leaving him severely injured, Gordon's racial slurs causing national and international commotion, a dark-skinned intern rejected on his skin color, the news of Obama and Putin attending an international summit in The Hague, the discovery that Sinterklaas is an ex-con, and the Marechaussee haven't had a dull moment this week with drug busts, fake marriages, and new barracks.

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Nov 26 '13 14:51

The man who won 2.5 million in the state lottery and made a generous donation to the food bank in Breda is an ex-con, reports Omroep Brabant. The generous giver, John Jansen, was a member of the notorious Juliët gang in the 90s.

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