Family blacklisted for giving away Food Bank supplies

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A family in Spijkenisse has been blacklisted by the Food Bank for helping out people whose needs were larger than its own.

“We were getting so much food and fruits in our weekly package from the Food Bank that we couldn't finish it. And it’s against my principles to throw it away, so my husband and I decided to give it away on the internet,” housewife Dani (32) told Algemeen Dagblad.

She and her husband have been receiving food from the Food Bank ever since running into rough times and losing their house. “We are getting help and my husband works hard, but we hardly have any money,” she said. She explained that she wasn’t aware she was risking the indispensable Food Bank supplies when she offered up her excess food for free on the internet.

Within an hour her offer got 60 reactions. “I was getting reactions from people with such dire reasons for wanting the food; finally we decided on two people who really needed it,” Dani said.

When the Food Bank found out though, Dani and her family were blacklisted. Food Bank Coördinator Anco Bonninga said the family violated a rule. “They gave the food away under an assumed name. To teach them that they cannot do that we decided not to give them any more packages. If they give it away they obviously don’t need it,” he said. Blacklisted for doing good, the family luckily had neighbors who were willing to help them out.

The Food Bank’s unforgiving stance prompted quite some disgust, but Dani was distraught nonetheless. “We are getting such sweet reactions that bring tears to my eyes, but I am also worried because we are receiving assistance now, but what will happen in December. What about February?”

Food Bank Coordinator Bonninga said he was happy the family was showing remorse. “We are on holiday now; when we’re back from holiday in two weeks we will sit and talk to them.”