Beekse Bergen

Aug 15 '18 08:50

The police unions are willing to restart collective bargaining agreement talks with Minister Ferdinand Grapperhaus of Justice and Security. But to keep the pressure on the Minister, police officers will start a series of protest actions, the unions announced on Tuesday after talking with their members, RTL Nieuws reports.

Family runs from cheetahs after getting out of their car in Beekse Bergen
May 11 '18 15:00

Dutch parliamentarians are flabbergasted by an incident in safari park Beekse Bergen in Hilarenbeek this weekend. A French family, including a young child, got out of their car to take photos of sunbathing cheetahs and Another visitor to the park filmed the incident and posted it on YouTube.

Family runs from cheetahs after getting out of their car in Beekse Bergen
May 11 '18 07:25

A video was posted on YouTube showing a family barely escaping aggressive cheetahs after getting out of their car in Dutch safari park Beekse Bergen. The park could not confirm whether the footage is real, RTL Nieuws reports.

The rule in Beekse Bergen is do not get out of your car. But this family seems to have missed that rule.

They parked their car next to sunbathing cheetahs and got out to take some pictures. A small child also got out of the car to peek around the corner. Nothing happens.

Beekse Bergen's bald eagle Lady Maya
Feb 16 '18 14:20

Safari park Beekse Bergen is desperately looking for their American bald eagle Lady Maya. The bird of prey flew away after getting into a fight with seagulls and has been missing for four days.

On Facebook the park calls on the public to keep an eye out for the eagle, and let them know if she is seen.

Rijkswaterstaat trucks working to clear snowy roads
Dec 11 '17 15:20

Heavy snowfall and a forced a number of businesses, schools, daycares and universities to close early on Monday. Despite the miserable weather, traffic information service VID expects few traffic jams during evening rush hour, as many people left for home early or worked from home today.

Lion cubs born at Beekse Bergen on 12 June 2017
Jul 4 '17 17:20

Three lion cubs, were examined and dewormed on Monday. Caretakers also determined that all thee cubs are female, so the park was finally able to name them. The cubs were given African names - Rhaya, Nala and Sarabi, Beekse Bergen announced on Facebook.

Lion cubs born at Beekse Bergen on 12 June 2017
Jun 27 '17 15:45

Safari park Beekse Bergen released the first footage of its newest residents - triplets born to mother lion Mariska on June 12th. Mother and cubs are doing well, but as lion cubs are very vulnerable in their first months, they will stay behind the scene for the time being, according to the park.

Caretakers haven't yet been able to determine the gender of the new lion cubs, but did manage to snap some adorable pictures of them.

May 5 '16 15:40

Baby elephant Madiba, born at the Beekse Bergen safari park on Wednesday morning, caused massive amounts of traffic both in the Hilvarenbeek park and on the roads towards it on Thursday. The lines were getting so long that by noon the park asked visitors still underway to choose a different destination.

Dec 25 '15 13:00

Christmas time isn't only an exciting time for humans. The animals at safari park Beekse Bergen also get a special meal, including delicious food not part of their usual menu.

Dec 29 '14 11:34

Ten birds escaped from safari park Beekse Bergen after an aviary collapsed. Eight spoonbills and two hammer heads got away.

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