Arson behind Noord-Brabant safari park fire; 10 animals killed


Arson was involved in a fire at safari park Beekse Bergen in Hilvarenbeek, Noord-Brabant, the police said on Tuesday. Ten animals were killed in the fire on March 26. "The police started an investigation and have now identified a suspect."

The fire was set in two animal enclosures. Two kudu and eight impalas were killed. The outside enclosures for cheetahs and nilgai burned down. 

The police investigation led them to a man with mental health problems, who is currently being treated at a psychiatric institution. "The suspect has not yet been arrested and has not yet been able to make a statement," the police said. Investigators will interview the suspect once this is possible. 

Mayor Evert Weys of Hilvarenbeek called the fire a "sad incident" for the park and its animals. "It seems to be a one-time action from a disturbed person. I am relieved that the suspect was tracked down."