Video: Red Panda born at Dutch safari park

Baby red panda born at Beekse Bergen, July 2020
Baby red panda born at Beekse Bergen, July 2020Mariska Vermij - van Dijk Safaripark Beekse Bergen

Safari park Beekse Bergen's newest resident is a baby red panda, born at the park early in July. "The birth of the red panda is special, because the animal species is very vulnerable: only around 2,500 red pandas still live in the wild," the safari park said.

The cub and their mother are both doing well, said Kris Jansen, head of animal care at Beekse Bergen. "We are confident that it will grow up," Jansen said. "The cub is fragile in the first period, which is why we are leaving mother Angeles, father Turner and their son or daughter alone. We disturb them as little as possible, so we do not go into the nest and therefore do not yet know which gender the new addition is."

Beekse Bergen visitors will have to be patient for a while yet before they'll get to see the new baby. "Red pandas are real nest animals and the young stay there for a long time. They only come out after about three months." Jansen said.